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U-M's Sustainability Goals Progress

U-M continues to work towards our 2025 campus sustainability goals in the areas of climate, waste prevention, healthy environments and community engagement.

progress: 70% toward goal

increase U-M food purchased from local and sustainable sources by 20%

progress: 100% toward goal

reduce chemical applications to campus landscapes by 40%

progress: 0% toward goal

reduce waste tonnage diverted to disposal facilitices by 40% below 2006 levels


Reductions in waste have been offset by growth in the size of our campus. Since 2006, our building area has increased nearly 28.6% and the campus population has increased nearly 17%. We’re working to accelerate our progress in waste reduction.

progress: 20% toward goal

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%

progress: 50% toward goal

reduce vehicle carbon ouput per passenger trip by 30%



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