New U-M Solar Car Generation

The U-M Solar Car Team unveiled a new design for this year’s World Solar Car Challenge, an 1,800-mile, week-long endurance contest across the continent of Australia. The new car, Generation, weighs less than 600 pounds with a lithium ion battery and a carbon fiber body. It takes the team two years to build a new car, with design and construction of the next car begin immediately following the completion of the current one.

100+ students from schools and colleges across
U-M contribute to the solar car team

Award-Winning Ideas

Four teams of U-M graduate students were selected to receive the Dow Distinguished Awards delivering a total of more than $135,000 for sustainability projects that cut across disciplines and academic levels.

Three of the winning teams are pursuing local projects in Southeast Michigan addressing energy efficiency, greenhouse gases and retrofitting a 100-year-old Victorian home to capture and treat its own water.

Integrated Product Development Course

A cross-functional team of business, engineering, and art and design students worked together to create an economically sustainable, eco-friendly, mini-business for Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. The result was Cass Coasters, a business that produces artful coasters made with recycled glass, and employs eight people who would otherwise not have a job.

Climate Change Communication Challenge

The Erb Institute challenged students to create short public service announcements that would raise awareness about climate change solutions, encourage individual action and provide people with an inspiring vision of what a sustainable future could look like. The U-M community voted and five of the eleven teams won cash prizes in various categories.