The Pantanal Partnership began as a Graham Scholars field experience and continues through the work of students who have traveled to the wetland region of Brazil for the past four years. Student efforts focus on creating sustainable systems that Pantanal residents can use to get clean water and energy, as well as providing an educational component.


BlueLab’s Hagley Gap is a student-led organization of College of Engineering students who are working to develop solutions to address the lack of clean drinking water in the rural farming area of Hagley Gap, Jamaica. The current focus of the project is to improve the existing BioSand water filter design and to develop other potential solutions, including rain catchment and wastewater reuse systems.

Guatemala Woven Wind

Approximately 25 business and engineering students are working with women in a Guatemalan village community to co-design a wind turbine system that uses blades made of woven textile material. The systems will be sold to communities throughout the country as a source of clean energy, and provide a source of income for the women in the village.