Planet Blue Operations

The Planet Blue Operations Team decreased energy consumption by 8.4 percent in 137 buildings, saving more than $4 million in avoided utility costs for fiscal year 2013. The avoided energy is equivalent to the amount needed to power, heat and cool more than 2,700 average homes in the United States or to removing 4,000 vehicles from the roads.

7 Number of consecutive years the U-M Hospitals and Health Centers has received the Environmental Leadership Circle Award, Practice Greenhealth’s most prestigious honor.

6% the amount UMHS energy efficiency has improved compared to last year


During the fall semester, students living in eleven participating residence halls competed in the third annual Kill-a-Watt Competition. The goal is to reduce energy use by at least 10 percent compared to the same month in previous years.

26% The amount total energy use per person per square foot of building space on campus has dropped since 2004