Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program

The results of the first survey in the Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program showed the majority of faculty, students, and staff say they are committed to sustainability, but data findings indicate significant room for improvement in sustainability behaviors, awareness, engagement and accountability. The study, conducted by the Graham Sustainability Institute and the Institute for Social Research, will track the “sustainability culture” on the Ann Arbor campus over a six-year period.

Workplace Sustainability

Planet Blue Ambassadors

More than 1,300 faculty, staff and students completed the online training and became certified Planet Blue Ambassadors for sustainability this year. The program has participants from every school and college as well as the U-M Health System. In just one year, the Ambassadors have completed nearly 20,000 individual sustainable actions, such as using reusable water bottles or turning off their computers at night.

In addition, 20 Planet Blue Student Leaders provide students with valuable training and tools to foster a culture of sustainability on campus. Student Leaders conduct educational programming, lead waste audits, and serve as peer-to-peer mentors in their U-M Housing communities.

1,300+ Planet Blue Ambassadors

Student Water Bottle Initiative

More than 12,800 undergraduate students have received a water bottle through the Planet Blue Water Bottle initiative, an awareness campaign started in 2012. The university has more than 110 water filling stations on campus for students, faculty and staff to fill up their bottles.

Sustainability in the Workplace

More than 800 staff members engage in green operations through the Sustainable Workplace program administered by the Office of Campus Sustainability. Eighty offices participate in the program that focuses on identifying simple adjustments in equipment settings, while educating employees on behavioral changes, to improve energy efficiency and waste reduction in the workplace.

Workplace Sustainability


For 18 years, the campus has partied for the planet at EarthFest, an annual event to promote sustainability at U-M. Highlights include information booths, games and interactive activities. This year’s event included a LIVE performance by U-M alumnus, Theo Katzman