About Planet Blue

The University of Michigan helps solve sustainability challenges on local-to-global scales by creating, teaching and practicing innovative approaches to improve the health of the planet, inspire future generations and advance the international conversation. We have long been engaged in many aspects of sustainability, and are coordinating and focusing our expertise and resources through the Planet Blue initiative to spur progress and establish leadership in this critical arena. The goal of our educational programs is to inspire our students to gain the knowledge and insight necessary to address the many complexities of sustainability in their chosen careers. Our research programs draw on our multidisciplinary strengths to attack major sustainability problems at local-to-global scales. And in our operations, we aim to set the standard for excellence in achieving a green campus.

Planet Blue isn’t a U-M department or unit, but rather the sum total of everything we do to meet the global challenges of sustainability.

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For more information about Planet Blue, visit our website at sustainability.umich.edu or e-mail sustainabilityinfo@umich.edu.

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