Planet Blue Renewable Energy Demonstration Project

The Planet Blue Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (PBREDP) provides an opportunity for the campus community to become involved in university GHG reduction efforts by making funds available for students, faculty, and staff to design and implement demonstration scale projects. Stationing small-scale renewable energy generators on campus is intended to provide interactive learning and research opportunities for the campus community. While the impact on the university's GHG goal is expected to be small, the projects provide an opportunity for on-campus investment, engagement and education.

Budget for this initiative is set at $250,000. Distribution of the funding will occur through a competitive bid process where proposal submittals will be evaluated by a review committee. Interested parties are responsible for initial project development as well as long-term maintenance and end-of-life disposal planning.  

The PBREDP is a direct outcome of the 2015 Report from President Schlissel's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Committee  

The process for applications will be tiered. The initial proposal should include the overall scope of the project, research/curriculum relationship, contribution toward the GHG reduction goal if any, and anticipated benefits to the university community. 

If the initial proposal is approved by the review committee, the applicants will be then asked to complete a more detailed proposal. 

Application Deadline: The Application Period is closed.  If interested in submitting a late proposal please email
Each project must meet the following criteria:
     • Project must be connected to on-going curriculum and/or research and have learning outcomes with student involvement.    
     • Project must include a long term management plan for the technology. 
     • Project must adhere to all state, federal and University of Michigan safety rules and regulations. 
     • If the project is located outside of a building it must be approved by the Exterior Elements Design Review committee. 
     • PBREDP program is applicable to the U-M Ann Arbor Campus only. 
     • Each project must have a clearly defined budget, proposed schedule and outcome. 
     • Project can have a specific location identified however it is not required, more importantly is the identification of needs/requirements.   
     • Project must identify technical requirements. 

For more information, please contact:

Ken Keeler