Sustainable Campus Operations

The University of Michigan has a rich history of operational sustainability on its Ann Arbor campus, encompassing a broad array of opportunities including energy management, transportation, waste reduction and disposal, custodial services, the construction and renovation of facilities, storm water management, and the physical operation of our facilities. The university strengthened its long-standing commitment in the field of environmental sustainability, when President Mary Sue Coleman and the executive officers of the university implemented an organizational framework that included formation of the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS.) OCS serves as a focal point for sustainable campus operations, and works collaboratively with educational and research units, as well as students, on campus to provide hands-on learning opportunities.

U-M is fully committed to operating in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Visit the OCS Website to learn more about U-M operations sustainability efforts and programs, such as:

  • The natural gas co-generation U-M Central Power Plant.
  • A bus and vehicle fleet comprised of hybrid electric and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • The largest stadium recycling program in the country.
  • Our environmentally friendly facility cleaning systems.
  • One of the nation’s most stringent set of design and construction guidelines related to sustainability.
  • A Planet Blue Operations Team program that is conserving energy through technical solutions and building occupant engagement.

At the University of Michigan everyone’s involvement is welcomed to help create a more sustainable campus for us to live and work, learn from, and enjoy as we move forward on our mission of building future leaders and helping to solve the world's pressing issues.