President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality Announces Internal Analysis Teams

Lydia Whitbeck
Release Date: 

University of Michigan's President's Commission on Climate Neutrality icons

University of Michigan (U-M) President Mark Schlissel recently stated that “human influenced global climate change is the defining scientific and social problem of our age” and he has since established the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality (PCCN) to recommend a plan for U-M (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, & Flint campuses) to achieve carbon neutrality. After releasing its Work Plan in the spring, the Commission has since secured faculty leadership for the eight internal analysis teams focusing on specific topics. The faculty-led teams will employ student research assistants and work closely with key staff members who bring relevant expertise to the team.

The PCCN has established the following eight internal analysis teams to recommend bold, creative, and viable solutions that would help UM move towards carbon neutrality. The team topics and faculty leads are as follows:

In addition to the internal analysis teams, the Commission is also engaging external expertise to conduct analyses and provide guidance.  Most notably, a Request for Proposals has been issued to identify an external contractor to evaluate options for transforming on-campus heat and power infrastructure. All of this work will span the 2019-2020 academic year, and include multiple deliverables and engagement throughout. All analyses will be submitted to the Commission for consideration and potential inclusion in the PCCN recommendations.

Student Opportunities: The PCCN is now hiring student research assistants with strong interests and demonstrated experience working on campus sustainability, energy, and emissions reductions issues related to the above eight internal analysis team topics. Please refer to the student job description for more information on how to apply. The application will close on September 29 at 11:59 pm.