PBA Spotlight: Keyana Thompson - Shaw

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Keyana Thompson-Shaw HeadshotKeyana Thompson-Shaw is a member of the U-M Women’s Soccer Team and serves as the leader of M-SAS, Michigan Student Athletes for Sustainability, an Athletics’ career community. Keyana is a dual major in sports management and art & design. She got her first exposure to sustainability at U-M through Joe Trumpey’s Art Design Perspectives class. “I took A.P. Environmental Science in high school. It focused on just the scientific aspects of sustainability, and this class opened it up to a broader view.” Sustainability is about more than the environment; it is an all-encompassing view.  Sports management is all about the bottom line. “I go to the triple bottom line,” states Keyana. The triple bottom line is a sustainable business concept that looks at environmental impacts and human rights along with profits. “It is what is best for a business.”

After that first class, Keyana joined the Graham Sustainability Scholars program. “It connected me to a community I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.” The Sustainability Scholars program accepts students from all majors in a unique sustainability leadership experience. “Sustainability is growing at U-M.” She mentions that she has seen the education component, which has a huge impact on students, grow little by little during her time here at U-M.

She’s also been involved sustainability initiatives around campus and beyond, from working to make the TEDx U-M event Zero Waste, to community engagement projects and more. As leader of the Michigan Student Athletes for Sustainability she sits on Athletics’ Sustainability Committee. M-SAS has participation from a broad spectrum of U-M athletic teams. They host Zero Waste athletic games, such as the upcoming NCAA Gymnastics Tournament (you can volunteer here!). Future projects include working with nutritionists to design vegetarian/vegan meals that meet the nutritional needs of student athletes, and working to bring sustainability awareness to new student athletes during orientation.