AOSS Introduces New Climate Impact Engineering Concentration for Undergrads

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U-M's Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, & Space Sciences (AOSS) recently announced a new "Climate Impact Engineering" Concentration for undergraduate students.

This new AOSS concentration, to be offered starting this Fall Term 2010, will join the department's other three concentrations: Meteorology, Climate Science, and Space Weather.

Climate change is one of the most important issues facing everyone on this planet. There is a pressing need for scientists and engineers with expertise both in climate science and in the engineering disciplines, such as air quality, energy engineering, sustainability, and water resources. In addition, there is also a need for people trained in climate science, governmental policy and law, and other disciplines.

The aim of the new concentration is to fill this need by providing training in the fundamentals of Earth system science, through the AOSS undergraduate core courses, and an introduction to aspects of other fields through a set of approved concentration courses. As a result, the students will be prepared broadly to assess the impact of climate change on engineering activities and in the realm of policy and law.

This concentration is not intended to replace dual degrees, but to provide a broadly based education both in climate science and in engineering, with the emphasis on climate science. The new concentration is designed to be highly flexible, enabling students to in essence design their own programs.