Zero Waste Program

Each day there are dozens of events on campus which create an enormous amount of waste. The Zero Waste Program targets this waste by reducing packaging, avoiding single-serve items, and providing compostable ware and compost service to all staff and students on the U-M Ann Arbor Campus.  

The Dirt on Why We Compost

In 2011 the University of Michigan established a goal to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 40% below the 2006 baseline by 2025.  To help achieve this goal and create a culture of sustainability on campus, leadership has made a strong commitment to expanding food waste composting on campus to target the estimated 1/3 of landfill waste that is compostable. 

A zero waste event works to reduce, recycle and compost as much as possible with the goal to divert waste from the landfill.  A commitment to composting is becoming increasingly popular among students, faculty, and staff.  The overall weight of compost collected has increased significantly, from 168 tons in FY 14, to over 700 tons in FY 18.

How We Can Support You

The Zero Waste Program provides FREE technical assistance and resources to departments and groups to reduce compostable waste being landfilled. We'll provide compostable plates, cups, and utensils, as well as compost collection boxes, liners and signage.  Regardless of whether your event is in one of the buildings with existing compost service, we can provide compost service the day of the event. Just give us a week's notice!  


Contact Us As Soon As Possible

To start planning for composting at your event send an email message, as described below.


Planning Your Event

Caterers and Vendors

Communicating Zero Waste Message to Event Attendees

Kitchen and Other Composting Opportunities