Member Groups

Food systems have many parts that range from production to distribution and waste management, and at UM there are students working to improve and educate people about this extensive system. In the past, these student organizations have hosted educational dinners, organized film screenings, planted community gardens, and much more. We support these students, the University of Michigan and greater Michigan communities by helping them reach a broader audience and organize their unique visions into collective action around sustainable food. To join UMSFP, students can join these member groups, attend their events or run for the UMSFP Leadership Team election each winter semester.

Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community serves to empower and educate University of Michigan students to become leaders in the area of community food systems through hands-on organic gardening, community outreach, and volunteer activities.

Feel Good

FeelGood at U-M is committed to eliminating global hunger and extreme poverty in our lifetime, one grilled cheese at a time. FeelGood runs weekly FeelGood Grilled Cheese delis and delivers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to on-campus locations (East Quad, South Quad, North Quad, the Ugli, or the Fishbowl). FeelGood invests 100% of profits in 4 reputable hunger-ending organizations (The Hunger Project, choice Humanitarian, Water for People, and Pachamama Alliance), and creates dialogue to increase awareness of global hunger. Stay cheesy and Go Blue!

Food Industry Student Association (FISA)

FISA aims to address the lack of presence the food industry has had at U-M by creating and building corporate partnerships with various companies related to the food industry and bringing them to campus. In addition, FISA provides opportunities to learn and grow through projects and helping local businesses with their consumable goods-related issues.

Food Recovery Network

The Food Recovery Network's goal is to recover leftover food from University of Michigan dining halls and divert it from the waste stream to Food Gatherers, the Washtenaw County food bank, where it can be served to those who need it most.

Friends of the Campus Farm

Friends of the Campus Farm empowers students to create a healthy future through sustainable food education and practice at the newly established campus farm and more broadly by working with the UM Sustainable Food Program.

Maize and Blue Cupboard

Maize and Blue Cupboard distributes food rescued from grocery stores, sourced from Food Gatherers, and grown at the U-M Campus Farm to provide U-M students with healthy groceries, whether they have a tight budget or difficulty getting to a supermarket.

Medical Campus Garden

The Medical Campus Garden group is focused on fostering collaboration amongst students, faculty, staff and patients affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System. They do this by growing food, promoting a culture of nutritious eating on the medical campus, and encouraging local, sustainable food and outdoor engagement as preventive health measures.

Michigan Animal Respect Society (MARS)

MARS is a student organization at U-M that educates the U-M community about animal and environmental issues such as farmed animal conditions, vegetarian/veganism, and wildlife protection. MARS frequently participates in/organizes protests, animal sanctuary work days, weekly meetings, and vegan cooking events. You need not be vegan or vegetarian to join.

Michigan Aquaponics (MAQUA)

Michigan Aquaponics (MAQUA) aims to be a source of aquaponics technology and business expertise for both local communities, such as U-M, and global communities. MAQUA will serve its communities by 1) educating on aquaponics-related issues of food security and sustainable food systems, 2) implementing functional aquaponics systems with community-level partners, and 3) providing business development support for partners wishing to implement aquaponics as a solution to their expressed needs. MAQUA is also committed to creating a vibrant and diverse community of students from across Michigan, welcoming any and all students interested in aquaponics and social change!


The U-M NetImpact chapter, housed in the Ross School of Business but open to all undergraduate students, aims to put our education to work throughout every sector, using business as a vehicle to show the world that it is possible to make an impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and the planet too.

Student Advocates for Nutrition

Student Advocates for Nutrition (SAN) is a campus-wide organization concerned with healthy eating and nutrition, sustainable food systems, and community nutrition. SAN members volunteer with local organizations, hold potlucks, conduct advocacy work, and tend to the SAN community garden.

Student Food Co

Student Food Co. hopes to bring healthy, wholesome food to the U-M community and promote discussion and food education.

UM Permaculture Design Team

U-M’s Permaculture Design Team (PDT) is a service learning organization focused on educating peers on permaculture methodology and problem solving using complex systems thinking. PDT works with Chiwara Permaculture and Roots to Fruits, innovators in edible landscape design and permaculture education, and engages k-12 students in exploring bio-mimicry, agro-ecology, appropriate technology and systems thinking. The team is also establishing a permaculture food forest as a part of the satellite garden projects within the Campus Farm Initiative.


UMBees’ goal is to promote, protect, and propagate honeybees through learning about Southeastern Michigan’s beekeeping community, bringing local honey and beekeeping skills to U-M, and spreading that knowledge far and wide. All experience levels, from newBees to beekeepers, are welcome to join the UMBees colony.