Who We Are

The UM Sustainable Food Program provides support to organizations on campus dedicated to building a sustainable food system. We currently connect thirteen Member Groups, seven campus gardens and the Campus Farm.

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Some of the ways we support sustainable food systems efforts include showcasing Member Groups and their work on this website and the UMSFP Newsletter, facilitating transparency when working on projects to increase collaboration and resource sharing, hosting regular meetings to cross-pollinate groups with new ideas and creativity, and ensuring stability by using the UMSFP to keep groups active and engaged especially as students and leaders graduate from the university.

Contact us at umsfp.comm@umich.edu or find UMSFP on Facebook.

Member Groups

Food systems have many parts that range from production to distribution and waste management and at UM there are students working to improve and educate people about this extensive system. In the past, these student organizations have hosted educational dinners, organized film screenings, planted community gardens, and much more. We support these students, the University of Michigan and greater Michigan communities by helping them reach a broader audience and organize their unique visions into collective action around sustainable food. To join UMSFP, students can join these member groups, attend their events or run for the UMSFP Leadership Team election each winter semester.

Leadership Team

The UMSFP Leadership Team is made up of UM student volunteers and is responsible for writing weekly newsletters, organizing classroom collaborations, supporting student food activities, maintaining our website and working to build a more sustainable food system at UM and in the community. Contact the UMSFP Leadership Team at umsfp.core@umich.edu. If you are interested in joining the Leadership Team, check for our election information each winter semester.

2017-2018 Leadership Team

  • Lauren Hoff
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Creative Writing Minor (B.S. 2018)
  • Ben Iuliano 
    LSA: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 
  • Rebecca Simonov
    LSA: Communications (B.A. 2019) 
  • Sara Farooqui
    LSA : Biochemistry; Asian Studies (B.S. 2020) 
  • Kate Samra
    LSA: Plant Biology; Food and the Environment Minor (B.S. 2019)
  • Connor Kippe
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Political Science (B.A. 2019)
  • Aaron Brodkey
    LSA: Program in the Environment (B.S. 2018)
  • Claire Grenchik 
    LSA: Psychology (B.A. 2020)
  • Adam Reichenberger
    Rackham: Sustainable Food Systems (2018) 


2016-2017 Leadership Team

  • Jared Aslakson
    SNRE: Landscape Architecture (M.L.A. 2017)
  • Jacob Grochowski
    LSA: Program in the Environment (B.S. 2017)
  • Bella Herold
    School of Public Health: Human Nutrition and Dietetics; Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems (M.P.H. 2017)
  • Lauren Hoff
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Creative Writing Minor (B.S. 2018)
  • Haley Kerner
    LSA: Program in the Environment
  • Christine Rickard
    SNRE: Environmental Justice; Ross School of Business (M.S., M.B.A. 2018)
  • Kate Samra
    LSA: Plant Biology; Food and the Environment minor (B.S. 2019)
  • Alexandra Weber
    LSA: Politcal Science; Ross Business minor and Food and the Environment minor

Summer 2016 Campus Farm Student Managers

  • Crystal Cole
    LSA: Program in the Environment; minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (B.S. 2016)
  • Kate Samra
    LSA: Plant Biology; Food and the Environment minor

2015-2016 Leadership Team

  • Jacob Grochowski
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Philosophy, Politics and Economics (B.S. 2017)
  • Kunal Khanade
    Engineering: Industrial Operations (M.S. 2017)
  • Dana Levine
    School of Kinesiology: Health and Fitness; Minor in Spanish (B.S. 2016)
  • Claire Roos
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Spanish (B.S. 2016)
  • Jillian Shotwell
    SPH: Environmental Health and Human Nutrition (M.P.H. 2016)
  • Angey Wilson
    SNRE:  Behavior, Education and Communication (M.S. 2017)
  • Ji Ye
    LSA: Evolutionary Anthropology; Earth & Environmental Sciences (B.S. 2016)

2015-2016 Campus Farm Student Managers

  • Jacob Grochowski
    LSA: Program in the Environment; Philosophy, Politics and Economics (B.S. 2017)
  • Nicholas Machinski
    School of Natural Resources and the Environment: Landscape Architecture (M.L.A. 2016)

Advisory Board

The UMSFP Advisory Board is a group made up of students, professionals and educators. Their role is to offer advice and support to the leadership team and member groups. Our current Advisory Board is:

Program Managers

UMSFP Manager Alex Bryan is a graduate from University of Michigan, and has served on several nonprofit boards including Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) and the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC). His most recent work was with the Greater Lansing Food Bank, where he was the director of agricultural programs. In his role with the Food Bank, Alex was responsible for resources and support for over 130 gardens and 800 gardeners, as well as community development, business development and leadership training. Previous experience also includes co-owning an urban farm in Detroit, being a volunteer coordinator, serving as a member of Americorps, and working in a Tapas restaurant focusing on fresh and seasonal foods.

Campus Farm Manager Jeremy Moghtader received his M.S. in Resource Ecology and Management from U-M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2004 and his B.S. in Economics also from U-M.  He recently served as the Director of Programs at the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm where he worked in varying capacities since 2004. Jeremy has also provided leadership over the past decade in a number of non-profit food systems including, the Food System Partnership (FSEP), The Agrarian Adventure, Tilian Farm Development Center, the SEEDS Residency Farm (Traverse City), and Slow Food Huron Valley.