Campus Farm

Long before Campus Farm and UMSFP, trailblazing students laid the groundwork for a future food system on campus through the creation of food gardens on campus including the flagship Cultivating Community Garden (at the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning ). This spurred the later creation of gardens at the Medical Center, Dental School, School of Public Health, Adventure Leadership, and more. For a map of gardens on campus, check out this link:

The Campus Farm was started in 2012, after an Enviro 391 and a SEAS Master’s project provided a robust roadmap and business plan to simultaneously launch UMSFP and the Campus Farm along with it, as UMSFP’s first big project.. With partnership from the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum and leadership from UMSFP, students established the Campus Farm.  Operated entirely by students with some support from UMSFP program coordinator and Matthaei-Nichols staff, the farm took root. The drive and success of these students led to the hiring of a full time program managers for both UMSFP and the Campus Farm. With these additional resources the Camus Farm and UMSFP have been able to continue to grow - expanding their reach and impact across campus.

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www.campusfarm.mbgna.umich.eduCampus Farm