Ryan Jay
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Bursley residents have the wonderful opportunity to reduce their contributions to landfill this year, thanks to the Bursley Composting Program!

For the first full year ever, Bursley Hall is offering composting bins in every hall closet, on every floor. So now students can compost food scraps and compostable materials like banana peels, uneaten food, even UM’s compostable napkins.  
So what exactly is compost (aside from a bunch of organic materials mixed together)? Compost is nutrient rich fertilizer that is derived from food waste, uneaten produce, food scraps and even compostable containers. In the composting process the food waste breaks down to form fertilizer that is then used to feed new crops. So, your old apple core can help grow more apples! And gardeners won’t need to use man-made fertilizers which can have detrimental effects on local ecosystems! All you have to do is drop your food waste in the right bin.
Participating in this system is super easy. There’s no sign-ups or forms. All you need to do is drop your organic waste in your hall’s compost bin instead of the garbage can. And don’t worry, there are signs by the bins to let you know if something is or isn’t compostable. If you’d rather collect compostable materials in your room, you can rent in-room buckets from the Bursley Community Center. So go ahead Bursley residents, join your fellow students in doing your part for our environment.
Ryan Jay is a third year Stamps student with a major in Applied Arts. He always strives to live sustainably throughout his life and encourages everyone else to do so too.