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Imagine hosting a business conference, reception, or organizational meeting and being able to say to your participants “This event created zero waste. Now you can.  MCatering and MDining zero waste events are coordinated and administered so that every item that would normally go into the waste stream is diverted into compost or recycled.   What does this mean? Just on U-M’s campus -- which has a goal to reduce waste delivered to landfills by 40 percent --  the impact is significant. U-M... more
Students eating in East Quad
Meatless Mondays happen at East Quad every Monday.   Monday is only the first in a week of long days packed with classes, extracurriculars, and work, with the weekend only a dim and seemingly unreachable light in the distance. Monday is also the day where many try to avoid the East Quad dining hall like the plague, all because of the weekly initiative to promote food sustainability: Meatless Mondays.    But why the stigma? Meatless Monday is an event that vegetarians and vegans can eagerly... more
Bursley residents have the wonderful opportunity to reduce their contributions to landfill this year, thanks to the Bursley Composting Program!   For the first full year ever, Bursley Hall is offering composting bins in every hall closet, on every floor. So now students can compost food scraps and compostable materials like banana peels, uneaten food, even UM’s compostable napkins.     So what exactly is compost (aside from a bunch of organic materials mixed together)? Compost is nutrient rich... more
Fresh produce, locally grown food, supporting the area’s community and businesses...These are just a few of the benefits of supporting Farmers Markets. This fall there will be four expanded M Farmers Market events on the U of M campus. Fresh fruits, veggies and other locally sourced food items from various farms in the area will be available for purchase at each event. The events also will feature chef demonstrations of easy recipes, tips for healthy eating, free samples, giveaways, information... more
Reuable Planet Blue water bottles on a table in front of Angell Hall
  Leave no footprint behind.   That's the lesson incoming University of Michigan students learned at a zero waste picnic following New Student Convocation on Sept. 2. More than 5,500 students filled the Angell Hall lawn to participate in the event that used only recyclable or compostable items, including food, napkins, plates, silverware, compostable plastics and featured the use of a mobile hydration station.    The event was sponsored by Planet Blue, the Office of Campus Sustainability,... more
Basket full of strawberries
  Ann Arbor is known for a lot of things. Football, trees, and really smart people are all icons in the University of Michigan community.  One thing that often seems missing, though, is a connection to the freshness of Michigan’s rolling farmlands. While we certainly have beautiful trees, it can be hard to buy a good carrot on campus. Cue M Farmers Market. A few years back,Michigan Dining, University Unions, and Central Student Government decided the Ann Arbor community needed some farm-fresh... more
Abby Dolan from Michigan Dining
With a focus on sustainability, MDining student projects teach life skills. Sometimes, when you focus your time and effort on a greater cause, you get more back than you give. That’s what University of Michigan MDining students are learning as they immerse themselves in sustainability projects spanning education, research, operations, and community engagement.    As part of the university’s sustainability initiative, students studying everything from engineering to health sciences to business... more