Get Involved

The Student Sustainability Initiative works with community organizations to build strong, lasting relationships for the betterment of the Ann Arbor community. In order to grow efficiently and productively, it is important that the University as well as the community is working together towards positive change. Here are some ways you can stay engaged and informed about what is happening on the sustainability front.

  • Sustainability Newsletter: Our bi-weekly newsletter includes information about sustainability events and opportunities - including internships and jobs - across campus and beyond. Sign up here

  • Facebook Group: The easiest way to connect with others involved in sustainability and enviornmental issues in Ann Arbor is the ECO Facebook Group, which SSI is proud to moderate. 

  • Monthly roundtables: SSI hosts monthly roundtable meetings for campus leaders to discuss their work, expertise, and opportunities with other students and groups in the sustainability community on campus. The goal is to help interested students network, collaborate, and troubleshoot their projects. Send us an email or sign up for the newsletter to get involved with these events.