Who We Are

The University of Michigan Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) is a collaborative group of leaders in campus organizations, environmental groups, and student governments interested in promoting environmental sustainability and change at the University of Michigan. We are focused on bridging the gap between student groups and the university administration by serving as a focal point for environmental action on campus. To that end, we work closely with SSI member groups as well as the Graham Sustainability Institute and the Office of Campus Sustainability.

SSI strives to bring together sustainability-minded students and student groups while also reaching out to others to spread awareness of sustainability issues on campus. We unite groups that seek to operate with goal-oriented, strategic, and well-planned actions and, wherever possible, provide the support necessary to enable them succeed.

SSI serves as the main link between members of the student body interested in participating in, initiating, or providing feedback on environmental initiatives and members of the administration whose role it is to carry out or manage such projects. In order to ensure a steady flow of ideas and collaboration, members of the SSI board meet regularly with constituents from each of these groups to discuss initiatives and conduct strategic planning for addressing environmental issues on campus.

Our Vision

SSI’s vision is to make the University of Michigan the leader and the best in campus sustainability with a focus on operation and administration in addition to research, curriculum, and community & student life.

Our Mission

SSI’s mission is to create a culture at the University of Michigan that values long-term environmental sustainability by supporting initiatives, projects, programs, and events aimed at achieving that goal. SSI strives to do this by fostering connections among and between students & student organizations, alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and community members interested in advancing environmental sustainability on campus.