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Installing macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta Experience 15 Sep 2019, 2:26 pm

Ever since Apple revealed the native dark mode and the ability to use iPad as a secondary monitor on Mac, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on macOS Catalina. And now that we have the official public beta out, well, here is my experience so far.

Before we begin

If you are looking forward to installing macOS Catalina, it’s a good idea to understand, how much it’s going to cost. Don’t worry, it’s a free upgrade, but it’s going to cost you some time and you need around 10 GB free space. The download file is around 7 GBs, so depending on your Internet connection it might take you a couple of hours. However, once the file is downloaded, the installation will take 20 – 40 mins depending on your Macbook version. For instance, I installed it on my MacBook Air 2016 and it took around 30 mins. Also, you won’t be able to use your computer during the installation process, so it’s better to install it on a spare Mac or when you are not doing serious work.

Eligible Mac

  • MacBook (2015 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
  • Mac mini (2012 or newer)
  • iMac (2012 or newer)
  • iMac Pro (2017 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (2013 or newer)


Before we begin, it’s a good idea to back up the files on your Mac.

Once done, head over to Apple Beta Software Program website, click ‘Sign up’, then enter in your Apple ID and click ‘Sign in’. Select MacOS on the next page, and Enroll your Mac.

Click on Download the macOS public beta utility button to download the macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility.dmg
file for configuration.

Install the DMG file. Once done, it’ll automatically open the App Store with macOS Catalina download page. Click on the download button to start the download process. Once the download finish, the installer will automatically launch the installation page.  If you are in the middle of your work right now, you can close the installation page and re-run the dmg file when you are free. Since you have already download the file, it’ll skip the download page and automatically launch the installation page.

Follow the on-screen instruction to install. It’ll restart your computer and might take around 30 minutes to complete the installation.

Experience so far

Hello Dark Mode

After the first boot, macOS Catalina gives you the option to choose a light theme, dark theme or automatic night/day theme. Obviously, I’m going with the dark theme, and just as I expected it looks amazing. Safari, Finder, System preference, Spotlight and even third-party apps like Chrome turns dark when dark mode is enabled.

The next thing you noticed with every major OS update is wallpaper. And macOS Catalina also packs some new wallpaper, with dynamic night/day versions.

Hello Dark Mode

Goodbye iTunes

Owing to iTunes departure, next up we have some obvious changes like the redesigned music and Podcast app. Off course there is also a new TV app. I still haven’t used them fully, so I’ll hold my judgment on this.

Goodbye iTunes

UI changes

There have been significant UI changes in most native Mac apps such as Notes, Reminder, Mail etc. And it’s not just the UI that has changed, Apple has added some new features as well. Like you can see thumbnail preview in the notes app and reminder app has consistent UI in all Apple devices.


Limit App usage natively

Another new feature in macOS Catalina is screen time. Just as iPhone, the screen time in Mac lets you track your app’s usage and also allow you to limit your time on certain apps.

Limit App usage natively

Find devices even offline 

Also, to avoid future confusion, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends have been combined into one app, called ‘Find My’. The biggest update here is offline support. Your Mac will send a secure Bluetooth signal, which will create a mesh network of other Apple devices. In simple words, you can use the ‘Find My’ app to find your other Apple devices even if they’re not connected to WiFi or Network.

Find devices even offline 

Sidecar doesn’t work

The one thing I was most excited for was sidecar, basically a native solution to Duet Display. That’s you can use your iPad as a second display on your Mac. Unfortunately, this feature didn’t work on my Mac. So, if you are just upgrading your Mac, for this particular feature, do keep this in mind. Fortunately, I still have my Duet Display to take of this need.


iPad apps on Mac will take time

Another thing I was waiting to test was iPad apps on Mac. But turns out, this will feature won’t arrive until the final version of these operating systems, which could take a couple of months. That said, it’ll exciting to see games like PubG and Asphalt on Mac.

iPad apps on Mac will take time

Closing words

Overall, macOS Catalina is a big update. Just like any OS update, Apple has listened to users and incorporated some popular third-party apps feature natively. For instance, Duet Display for Sidebar, and freedom for Screen Time, etc.

In my experience so far, all my previously installed apps such as Chrome, Slack, Skype, Station, aText, etc worked fine. Although, I was not able to use the Sidecar feature and the Steam app didn’t work as well. You might experience some bugs after first boot, like my Mac’s audio was not working but a simple restart fixed most of the problem.

If you an Apple enthusiast, you should probably go for this update. Based on our experience, you should be able to easily do your daily work on this new update. However, do expect little hiccups here and there. Let me know if you are going for this upgrade and your fav features in the comment below.

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How to Take Stunning Portraits View Behind The Camera 15 Sep 2019, 2:15 pm

One of the most important aspects of portrait photography is picking a suitable location. Your choice will drive all other decisions about the shoot, including what lighting and props to take, which clothes the subject should wear, and the most suitable poses to use.

Kai Bötcher ( Kai böttcher ) has a passion for digital art since she was 14 years old and is currently studying virtual design in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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Why Hard Drive Data Recovery Matters? 15 Sep 2019, 1:54 pm

These days everyone uses hard drives to store data. These external storage devices act as a perfect backup destination. However, there are still risks and threats involved in storing crucial data in hard disks. These hard drives data recovery involve all the external disks and also the internal hard devices in laptops and PCs. 

Problems with a Hard Drive 

There are a number of things that can go wrong with hard drives. For example, you just bought a new hard drive and it is absolutely fine. And one day, you just plugin or switch on your device and it appears with nothing. It can be anything like it can be baffling or panic triggering or both at the same time. 

So what should you do when you face such a problem one day?There are certain things you can do before going to any center.Starting with the basics, there are 2 ways in which drivers can be damaged: 


Mechanical Failure 

Magnetic hard drive(platted) are mostly damaged due to mechanical failure. It may happen to some CDs too. Mechanical failure is the physical damage to the drive. They may wear and tear due to usage over many years. Other causes may include mishandling or dropping the hard disk, breaking or short-circuits in internal parts. The main indication of mechanical damage is when you hear a distinguishable clicking sound when on trying to access the data on it. Professional help is preferred in this case. You might take it to drive recovery service center. Make sure that the data can be well recovered when the drive is repaired. 


Logical Failure 

Logical failure is as soothing as good news in contrast with mechanical failure. Logical failure is related to the software front. These damage come due to interruptions during data transferring, sudden power surges, unexpected computer shutdown while hard is in operation, improper ejection of hard drive, accidental format or deletion of data, etc.   

There will be no noises in logical failure to indicate the damage, but it won’t boot up or let you access the data. You can recover logical failures on your own.


The Steps You Need to Take Immediately  

When a hard drive fails or you accidentally format the data, it doesn’t disappear. It stays on the drive until you put some new data on the drive. 

Each data has its own dedicated storage space in a properly working drive. Storage on a failed hard drive is marked as ‘fit for overwriting’ 

So, if your drive stops responding, you need to stop working on it immediately. Even if you are not working on that drive, your computer may still write something to it. It may be risking your shot at data recovery and once the data is overwritten, you will never get it back. So just turn off the computer and remove your hard drive. 

Connect that hard drive to another computer and try to access the data from the other computer. Even trying from another computer doesn’t help, you can clone. There are some software’s available to clone data.


Data Recovery From Software 

 Once the drive has been repaired or create its clone, recovering the data on it becomes quite simple through a reliable and efficient hard drive data recovery software. Some of the best soft wares for recovery are stellar data recovery professional for windows. 


Data recovery from hardware 

In such a case, you need to access the level of a problem the hard drive is in. If it is not making any sounds, then you may change PCB with the matching one from another matching hard drive. And if it is making any sounds, you may take it to a recovery center. And if the drive is detected by the computer but hangs during use, use free BIOS accessing utilities. 

While opting to fix the damaged hard drives, you must know that it is a risky job. So the data in the drive is not worth the risk, you may not waste your time and take that drive to a recovery center. 

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10 Cool Gadgets You Would Love to Have 15 Sep 2019, 8:00 am

Remember the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter? How cool would it be if we were able to keep apace with everyone we cared about at every step of the way or be sure to avoid a particular route when it came to people we didn’t want to meet? The worlds of literature and cinema have invented many such cool gadgets that make us long for them too.

Well, with the advent of GPS and Google Maps, we can track each other’s journeys and the magic of the Marauder’s Map has become a reality today. Technology is one such facet of the modern times which is constantly evolving, and the ingenuity of every new creation seems to surpass its predecessors. Here are 10 such cool gadgets which may seem too incredulous to be on our wish lists, but believe it or not, they actually exist.

1. This fluid-filled helmet mimics your body’s defense systems and protects your brain from fatal damages.

Fluid inside helmets

We’re all familiar with the warning that an injury to our head can prove to be fatal. Be it a road accident or a mishap during a sporting activity, any impact to the brain can have deadly consequences. Using extensive scientific research spanning over 25 years, Fluid Inside has developed a helmet which is lined on the inside with fluid-filled pods, containing a liquid which simulates the cerebrospinal fluids in our brains to activate our defense systems. The matrix of fluid-filled pods offers an additional layer of protection to our brains and absorbs the impact from a sudden injury before it reaches our skulls.

The fluid-filled pods are engineered in a way to act as the first line of defense and mitigate the severity of the damage in case of a crash or a collision. At the moment of impact, the foam compresses to provide added low, linear-impact protection. Scientists have affirmed that in order to mitigate an injury, both linear and rotational forces of the impact has to be tackled. Accordingly, the helmet’s materials respond to both types of shear to minimize the damage. Motorists, bikers, cyclists, and other athletes swear by this helmet since it promises a reduction of so many fatalities. (1)


2. These “smart glasses” adjust to your vision automatically. The glasses’ liquid lenses change shape according to the distance of objects, making having both reading glasses and bifocals unnecessary.

Bye Bye Bifocals

Be it the difficulty to see through your glasses in the dark or having the lenses blurred by rains, spectacle woes can be really frustrating. This invention from the University of Utah cannot only be a one-stop solution to all your troubles with the glasses but also promises to enhance the range of vision like never before.

Wittily named “Bye-Bye Bifocals,” these smart glasses have liquid-filled lenses which adjust the focus and facilitate clearer vision. They are designed in a way to replace bifocal lenses and instead lets you see both distant and close-by objects without any difficulty.

Often the lenses of our eyes are unable to change shape to adjust to varying distances from an object. The Bye-Bye Bifocals are comprised of lenses made of glycerine and are enclosed in flexible membranes fitted with distant meters which prompt our eyes to easily adjust from one object to the other within as small a span as 14 milliseconds. Trendy to look at and revolutionary in their functionality, these smart glasses are really a blessing. (1)

3. Smart rings that let you feel your loved one’s heartbeat irrespective of the physical distance between the two of you.

Touch rings

Since time immemorial, rings have symbolized the union of two hearts. This ingenious technology took this idea a step ahead and is a special kind of ring which is actually the repository of the heartbeat of your special one. These “HB Rings” are designed with sophisticated technology that captures the heartbeat of your loved one and saves it for you to carry with you wherever you go. Developed by The Touch, the HB Rings connect to an app via Bluetooth which lets the wearers sync their heartbeats to the ring without being physically next to each other. Upon syncing your heartbeats, activate the ring by simply tapping on it. The developers of this cool gadget have dedicated two and a half years of research to provide the rings with actual lighting that resonates the pulses of the wearer.

The HB Ring saves the heartbeat and therefore lets you feel your loved one’s heartbeat in real-time. All you need is the ring on your finger and a steady Internet connection. The HB Rings are exquisitely designed in durable, unibody, sapphire crystal. You might even want to go for the rose-gold option if the sleek stainless steel body of the rings doesn’t excite you. With the new HB Rings, you can literally carry your special one’s heart in your own heart, or finger for that matter. (1,2)

4. CUDA is a jetpack that propels you handsfree underwater within a few seconds.

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Have the wonders of the underwater world ever caught your fancy, but the whole diving paraphernalia starting from the cylinders and the masks to the ridiculous fins made it look way too intimidating to give it a shot?

Archie O’Brien, a student from Loughborough University, developed a prototype of an underwater jetpack called “CUDA” that can transform your diving experience forever and spare you all the clumsy gear. Starting as a school project, Brien’s revolutionary idea developed into this thrilling jetpack which consists of 45 3-D printed parts, all assembled together.

This jetpack can propel you through waters at any depth within seconds, and the speed and direction can all be monitored by you through a control device. Unlike the traditional diving gear which requires physically steering through the water, this cool gadget offers an effortless underwater feel. What is even more exciting is this battery-powered jetpack comes in the form of a portable backpack which you can just slide on, and you’re all set for an adventure of a lifetime. CUDA is currently in its prototype format, but the commercial versions are soon expected to flood the markets. (1, 2)

5. This incredible charger juices up your phone while It floats in mid-air.


Image credits: Kickstarter

Tired of hunting a compatible plug point to get that much-needed juice for your phone?

OvRcharge promises to be a one-stop solution to all your phone charging troubles. OvRcharge not only provides a reliable and durable charging solution but also adds a tinge to magic to the process. Forget about plugs and wires. With OvRcharge, you can have your phone all juiced up while it floats in mid-air.

This sterling invention works on electromagnetic technology and uses a magnetic field to levitate the phone and hold it in position while charging it. OvRcharge is comprised of an ultra-thin case which has electronic receivers to charge a phone and a magnet to lift the phone up. All you need to do is to place the phone slightly above the case in the range of the magnetic field and let the magic unfold. OvRcharge charges your phone while it floats and spins slowly in mid-air. Currently, a kickstarter project, this cool gadget is compatible with iOs devices and most popular Android phones. (1, 2)


6. Levi/Google’s smart jacket, Jacquard, allows users to control their phone with gestures.

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In a world deluged by smart tech, our lives are in many ways driven by our devices. Being able to roam around without having to clutch our phones is a rarity these days. Levis and Google together have come up with this cutting-edge technology which lets you wear your tech, instead of carrying it around.

The Jacquard project revolves around transformative fabric which facilitates all functions of a smartphone. Jacquard is a special jacket made of conductive fibers with touch sensors which enable you to control your phones by simply touching the cuffs of the jacket. The cuffs are endowed with a tag which packs in all the features of your phone and lets to take or make calls, listen to music, navigate your way around, get alerted when there is a new notification, all through a simple touch on your jacket.

No additional baggage, no fear of losing your cool gadgets with this stylish, comfortable jacket that weaves in all the wonders of your smart device. (1, 2)

7. This sun-chasing robot looks after the plant on its head.

Sun chasing robot

Plants radically enhance the aesthetics of our homes and gardens, but tending to them can be quite a task. Vincross’s Hexa, an all-terrain, multifunctional robot, is uniquely programmed to cater to the watering and light requirements of any potted plants. Chinese roboticist, Sun Tianqi, the brains behind Hexa, was inspired by a dead sunflower at an exhibition and attempted to use technology to endow plants with a certain degree of freedom.

You simply need to place the plant on the head of this super-cool gadget. A six-legged agile robot, Hexa, will automatically crawl towards a more sunlit space in your home. It also has an amazing alert system to notify you to water your plants. If strategically positioned, Hexa can also be programmed to water your plants intermittently. Hexa is designed to respond to human touch and can walk, climb, fetch, play music, and even take photos. All it takes to bring Hexa to life is a steady WiFi connection. (1, 2)

8. Kitty Hawk’s Flyer is an all-electric, single-seat, personal, flying vehicle that literally gives you wings.

Kitty hawk's flyer

Many of us dream of flying and this seemingly impossible wish is all set to be a reality as Kitty Hawk’s launches its electric, personal, flying vehicle, the Flyer. It is a lithium battery-powered electric flying vehicle which has the ability to fly about 10 feet off the ground for short distances over water to give its passengers a feel of the ethereal experience of gliding over water through the air.

The best feature of this cool gadget is that is operated by software that collects data from multiple sensors and enables everyone to steer the vehicle themselves without any mandatory license or pilot training. A safety demonstration and close adherence to the instructions is all that is required to set off in the Flyer and have an unforgettable experience.  (1, 2)

9. Chemical bike lock that causes vomiting to deter thieves.


While biking is hailed as the most eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation, there is a serious concern that affects every bike owner – the safety of the bikes while parking them. Most of the available bike locks are easily breakable, and thefts of bikes have become a common phenomenon all over the world.

With the new Skunklock, bike owners across the world can heave a sigh of relief. This fascinating U-shaped lock may look like any other regular bike lock on the outside, but it is designed in a way to emit obnoxious gas if someone tries to cut the lock. The chemicals producing the gas can also cause blurred eyesight, dizziness, and vomiting. Developed to deter thieves from stealing bikes, this cool gadget promises to be a much-needed antidote to the raging problem of bike thefts. (1, 2)

10. A sleep mask that emits light from the inside to wake you up naturally.

Dreamlight sleep mask

If being unable to sleep at night and then oversleeping your alarms in the morning has become a constant struggle for you, then Dreamlight’s sleep mask could be your much-needed savior. This contoured eye mask is lined with comfort padding to spread out all pressure points on your forehead evenly, and the 3-D facial mapping technology of the mask adjusts itself to your facial dimensions perfectly. It is embedded with advanced technology that induces sleep and helps you relax through ambient music, soothing lights, and the blocking of any extra intervening lights.

It is also the perfect stress-relieving gadget if you’re trying to meditate. The eye mask also has optical heart rate monitors and infrared sensors that can keep your bodily parameters in check. One of the most amazing features of this cool gadget is that its accompanying app can be set to create a visual alarm where the eye mask floods your eyes with white light when it’s time for you to wake up. So, now you can no longer be bothered by lights from outside and wake up to a bouquet of brightness whenever you want to. (1, 2)

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20+ Best Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone 15 Sep 2019, 7:27 am

Some of us have a personality trait that makes us seek a thrilling experience. Watching some Hollywood horror movies alone at your place in the night will give you enough thrills and creeps. Scope out the best horror movies with us which will definitely make you jump at the edge of your seat. We have compiled a balanced list of old and new best Hollywood horror movies that will stay with you for long.

List of Best Horror Movies in Hollywood – Dont Miss!

From a psychopathic serial killer to the spiritual practice of evicting demons we’ve got it all in this list of the very best horror movies.

1. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist has won the title of being the number one horror movie on our list. Directed by William Friedkin the movie is based on the horror novel of William Peter Blatty. It is a story of actual possession of eleven-year-old girl Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) in the local area of Georgetown. She is the daughter of a famous actress. The mother trusted two priests who attempted to exorcise the demon. It is a classic example of a well-made horror movie for the time.

70s people found the movie disturbing to the extent that there are incidents of audience fainting and vomiting. Rumors like the film had been cursed also became prominent at that time. With uncanny special effects, the film got 10 nominations in OSCAR. Which proved it the most influential movie for the genre. Inspite of Aping the infamous head spin scene remains classic and the scariest scene of the movie.

2. The Shining (1980)

The Shining is another classic horror movie.  It was produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick which was co-written with novelist Diane Johnson. Kubrick adapted changes in Stephen King’s 1977 novel ‘The Shining’ to make the film. The Eeriness of the film is unbeatable. The movie has nonpareil slow deliberate dialogue, music and suspense. Perfect interpretation of the character by King Jack Nicholson is matchless.

The scariest scene of the movie is when Jack knocked down the bathroom door with an axe. The formidable face of Wendy (Shally Duvall) had become indelible in the history of horror films. One of the stories behind the scene revealed that they didn’t tell her he had an axe when he would knock down as they wanted to catch the actual terror on her face.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

This movie was directed by Wes Craven whose approach towards horror was innovative for the time. He had a bold vision for the genre. The film moved around its character Freddy who invaded dreams of teenagers whose parents were responsible for his untimely death.

Freddy was a truly terrifying character which does not exist in the real world but in the shadowy realm of dreams.

4. Psycho (1960)

Psycho is a psychological horror film. Psycho was directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock and written by Joseph Stefano. It is based on the novel named ‘Psycho’ by Robert Bloch published in 1959. It is a story of a young single woman Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) who was living with her sister Lila in Phoenix. She worked as a secretary in a real-estate office. After stealing $40,000 from her employer she ran away with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis (John Gavin).

After 36 hours of paranoia and exhaution, Marion decided to stay in a motel. Bates Motel, where nervous but personable Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) cheerfully mentioned that she’s the first guest in weeks. What happened next is history. The shower killing scene of the movie is the most famous scene in the history of horror cinema.

5. Poltergeist (1983)

Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper, this film has sensational special effects. The cast of the film is not so famous. Poltergeist contains the struggle of a Family haunted by evil-minded spirits. It has amazing special effects and realistic violence scenes.

6. Insidious (2010)

This was the third film in a raw of the duo. Director James Wan and writer-actor Leigh Whannell made ‘Saw’ and ‘Dead Silence’ earlier. Insidious is one of the most terrifying horror movies. In this film, a couple,  Josh and Renai Lambert, along with their three children were pestered in their new ideal home by paranormal activity and polter-phenomena. They moved to rented accommodation, but the spooks followed. Wacth this movie now on Hotstar App.

7. Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Exorcism of Emily Rose will definitely satisfy your obsession for horror movies. This film is directed by Scott Derrickson and written by Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman. The story is about a lawyer who takes on a negligent homicide case involving a priest who performed an exorcism on a young girl. The very strong point of the film is a cast that is filled with Oscar nominees. The combination of horror and courtroom drama makes it interesting for the audience.

8. Silence of the lamb (1991)

It is a highly recommended film for the thriller and drama lovers. If you have missed it then watch for one of the best cinematic thriller experience. it’s five Oscars are well deserved. The portrayal of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are vivid. Especially Anthony Hopkins’s accent that he used for Hannible Lecter. Jodie Foster’s acting was excellent.

The story is about a specifics of the murder case in question. A serial killer who partially skins his female vlctims are certainly gruesome, but are handled to generate maximum suspense without descending into the exploitative.

9. The evil dead (1981)

This one is an intense film for a sensation seeker. Being a low budget film this one is  an excellent example of how someone can take a small amount of money, and do so much with it. Story is about a group of friends go to spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods. They accidentally unleash the fury of some dark forces there. The brilliance of this film lies within the eerie atmosphere and mood, and the creepy cinematography.

10. Paranormal Activity (2007)

This film will definitely give you goosebumps. It is a pretty horrifying movie with no demonic appearance no ghostly faces. Only real experience was shown which is the actual flavor of the film. We recommend you to watch this film alone to get the thrill.

11. The sixth sense (1999)

Bruce Willis starrer The sixth sense is a  upernatural horror drama film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It is a movie based on the story which is moving around Malcolm Crowe. He is a child psychologist who starts treating a young boy Cole. Cole acts as a communication between Malcolm and unhappy spirits of the other World. The movie is packed with a really good script and backed up by the wonderfull direction. The performance of the cast is incomparable.

12. Anabelle (2014)

As a horror film, Annabelle is technically effective and gives creep to horror movie lovers. Directed by David F Sandberg’s the movie manages to channel the appeal of the thrill well enough. The story is about girls start discovering mysterious things around the house.

Basically involving Mullins’s toy creation, the first Annabelle doll.

13. The Conjuring (2013)

Based on a true story, The Conjuring has sudden spine-chilling scares and dramatic silences that will give you goosebumps. While the setting and story are familiar, it has a distinct impact of the subtle and steady build-up of suspense and psychological tension that will make you numb. The story is a horrifying tell of renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The horror begins when the family calls the former couple when they feel the presence of dark forces in their farmhouse.

14. Orphan (2009)

The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by David Leslie Johnson from a story by Alex Mace. It is a story of a nine year old girl who was adopted by a couple, who recently lost their baby. They soon find out that she has a troubled and mysterious past and she is not at all who she pretends to be. The climax will give you the thrilling experience you are seeking. Watch this movie now on Netflix.

15. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

It is a story of a single mother whose children witness paranormal activity in their house. Renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren comes to help. The movie is successful in keeping promises and expectations as a sequel of The Conjuring (2013). Director James Wan is at the top of his game, taking a great idea and turning it into a rare, thoughtful chiller that ponders the metaphysical. Watch Conjuring 2 today by signing up for Amazon prime video free trail  for 30 days.

16. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Directed by Roman Polanski and based on the story by Ira Levin this is one of the dark, disturbing, creepy and timeless horror movie. Mia Farrow did full justice to the character of Rosemary. The “truth” was even worse than Rosemary’s paranoid imagination. The climax was being the creepiest part of the film. Even at the last minute, you can’t be sure she isn’t insane.

17. Jaws (1975)

Steven Spielberg’s movie is said to be one of the best horror movies till date by the movie lovers of the same genre. Jaws is an intense shark and horror tale with scares that gross you out. It is based on Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel of the same name. This film is an artistic and commercial smash. It is a story about a fictional New England tourist town of Amity Island and an Oceanographic Institute.  Robert Shaw’s performance is excellent as a coarse fisherman in this thriller of the man-eating white shark.

18. Scream (1996)

Wes Craven was the director of the movie. He made a classic horror flim that’s got audience’s attention. There are horrifying twists and turns in the. It just rebooted the genre in the time it was released. The opening scene is one of the most unforgettable, original, well paced, intriguing and suspenseful scenes in horror history.


19. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

10 Cloverfield Lane is an American sci-fi psychological horror film directed by Dan Trachtenberg. The film was produced by J. J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber. It has a little bit extra terrestrial touch in the end. But it is not an alien film overall. The story is around  Michelle who finds herself captive in a bunker with a stranger named Howard after an accident.

He informs her that she is safe with him and the world outside is inhabitable. She decides to escape.

20. Sinister (2012)

Sinister is a story about Ellison Oswald, the main character of the film. He is a crime writer who is in the desperation of great success drags his family into trouble. He finds out about a snuff film in which the death of a family is shown. He decides to solve the mystery. When he moves his own family into the victims’ home, he realizes the presence of supernatural forces. For him and his family living in the house may be fatal. Written and directed by Scott Derrickson, the movie has everything from excellent story to rich character. It has pretty much scare factor for horror movie lovers.

Each of the above films had made an imprint on the audience’s psyche and horror cinema and it will continue to occupy our memory for a long time.

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TunnelBear VPN Review 15 Sep 2019, 7:11 am

TunnelBear Review

Number of Servers

TunnelBear has a very clear and transparent Privacy Policy and it’s almost completely log-free. But there are some things that do get logged like bandwidth use, total lifetime connections and whether you have connected in the last month.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

TunnelBear stands out right away with it’s cute and charming bear character and a more lighthearted approach to its communication. But under that cute facade, you will find a very capable VPN that has all the bells and whistles you need and some you don’t even know you need.

TunnelBear website:


  • Vigilant Mode
  • Closest Tunnel feature
  • Always on feature
  • minimal logging
  • 20+ Countries
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Up to 5 devices
  • GhostBear feature works in high-censorship countries
  • Free plan available
  • Compatible with different platforms
  • Torrenting supported
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • VPN kill switch
  • Located in Five Eyes jurisdiction


TunnelBear has a very clear and transparent Privacy Policy and it’s almost completely log-free. But there are some things that do get logged like bandwidth use, total lifetime connections and whether you have connected in the last month. Those again, are things that can’t be linked to a specific user so that’s not a big issue. TunnelBear is based in Canada though that is part of the Five Eyes alliance and not the best location for a VPN provider. Tunnelbear was also acquired by McAfee in 2018 so it falls under Canadian law. Canada is a nation that shares intelligence data with both US and UK.

TunnelBear was recently in a report conducted by CDT CDT (Center for Democracy & Technology) and that report confirmed that each server is hardened with disk encryption, intrusion scans, and intrusion protection and malware protection techniques. It’s always good to have that kind of reassurance from a third-party auditor. In any case, if you are not into some hardcore illegal activity you should be more than fine.


TunnelBear works on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOs
  • Chrome (Extension)
  • Firefox (Extension)
  • Opera (Extension)

And that`s about it. TunnelBear does offer instructions on how to use it on Linux but no official full compatibility. You will also not be able to use it on your Kindle/eReader, Windows Mobile, Apple or Android TV, gaming systems or manually install it on a Router. For more advanced users this can be the dealbreaker so think it through if you need to use the VPN on any of those devices. The positive here is that TunnelBear also has an extension for Opera browser which many competing providers don’t have. Keep in mind the browser extensions do not offer the same level of encryption as the desktop or mobile clients, but nonetheless, they are definitely useful.


Tunnelbear has decent online documentation and knowledgebase but not as thorough and comprehensive as some VPNs do. There are no screenshots in the FAQ nor int he Getting Started section so if you feel more comfortable following instructions with clear visual aids you might get stuck. To contact support you need to be a customer, either have the free plan or any of the paid plans but you do need to log in to send a question to the support team. So any potential customers are left out and there’s no online support chat to get fast answers to your problems. You actually can bypass the login requirement (Unable to log in link below the log-in fields) but it definitely can deter some new customers if they don’t see that option right away.

Installation and app usage

Installing the desktop client or the app is as easy as you would expect. The setup process is fast and you can start tunneling right away. The UI is intuitive and the design is definitely more thought out than your usual run-of-the-mill apps. The cute bear and its tunnels represent the locations and you can see your bear popping out of a tunnel after a connection has been made successfully.

You have all the basic options like the location selector, security options and you can check how many ads it has blocked. The app is built around the world map instead of a list of countries that make choosing the server locations a bit more fun, but if you have absolutely no idea what country is where you might want to stick to the list.

Security and Speed

The speed test did impress us a bit. For a VPN with some limited options and a smaller than usual server list we expected it to perform not as good as it did. The country list to choose from is also a bit scarce and although you get 22 countries with all the major places available with many locations to check the full list before buying.

The security features are very decent but lack some configuration options for more advanced users. TunnelBear uses IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) Protocols and AES-256 Encryption.

It also has the DNS Leak Blocking, First-Party DNS and the VPN Kill Switch along with the more advanced feature Double VPN that are the very essentials in any VPN provider.

TunnelBear uses OpenVPN for Android and desktop and IKEv2 for iOs. These protocols are secure and perform great but more options to choose from would be great.

Speed Test

AutoConnect picked the Swedish server that worked really well, the loss in speeds averaged around 7%.

AutoConnect feature connected to Sweden

All the other locations showed great speeds with Denmark around 7% speed decrease, USA at 45% and most surprisingly, Hongkong had only a 31% drop download speeds. This is way above average for a server this far away. The upload speed was much worse but still the fact that the download did not suffer much is a big plus.

Denmark server
USA server (San Francisco)
Hongkong server

The torrenting test showed results on par with competing VPN providers.

Torrenting test

Netflix and Torrenting

Torrenting is allowed on all TunnelBear servers and thanks to the decent upload and download speeds you will have no issues torrenting with TunnelBear. The VPN Kill Switch is also handy and makes torrenting safer along with the almost no-logs policy.

Using Netflix however, has shown to be problematic. The access to Netflix and other streaming services has been fairly inconsistent and some days work better than others. There is no information on using Netflix on Tunnelbear Help page so they clearly try to stay away from having any official ties with bypassing geo-located content from the big boys.

So if you want to stream content from Netflix or HBO or other streaming services, TunnelBear is not the service for you.


TunnelBear is one of the few that offers a free plan. You can use 500Mb for free per month to test the service out. Although the free version works pretty well the 500Mb limitation is crippling and only suitable if you want to browse a few pages per month. To go for the full, unlimited version you have only TWO options.

1 Month Plan – $9.99/Month

1 Year Plan – $4.99/Month

TunnelBear Pricing options

They both have unlimited data, 5 connected devices limit and Priority customer service (Over free plan users). TunnelBear also has the standard 30-day money-back guarantee and you can pay with a credit card, Paypal or Bitcoin. Applying for the money-back refund is pretty simple and you need to follow a few steps in the help section.

Pros and cons


  • Free plan available
  • Decent speeds
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Good 1-Year price
  • Minimal logging policy
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Browser extensions


  • No Netflix access
  • Limited number of countries
  • In Canada juristiction
  • No 3-year plan
  • No live chat support


TunnelBear in our minds can’t fully compete with the top players. It doesn’t have that many servers available, the pricing options are limited and the fact that it`s owned by a Canadian company can be a problem for some users.

The FREE option, however, is very appealing if you need a VPN service for a few days or weeks and don’t want to sign up for a paid plan. The 500MB will suffice for some browsing.

If you need a top VPN service with the best features and maximum security we advise you to pick ExpressVPN or NordVPN for example but if you want a free service for a short period of time the FREE TunnelBear account is a great solution.

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Software Trends That Will Continue to Evolve in Future 13 Sep 2019, 12:53 pm

With the advent of technology, the colossal impact of automation is evolving at a swift pace. The demand to gleam and outgrow the revenue profit calls for the argument over the implementation of advanced technology.  

The need for up-to-date software and partnership with software outsourcing company embarks the maiden steps in the field of recognition. The software is the source of shells that bolster the rate of driving the business.  

Today, at most 70-80% of the venture is working in the framework of digitalization in one or another form. Thus, to meet the core objectives of the company, the owner should curtail the powers to blew the success with output-driven moves. 

Software Development Services in the Rescue of Online Venture: 

 The Software is a shell comprising the working mediums of documents, local and variant files, programming codes and testing solutions. The software is the sole entity that bolsters in driving the objectives of the business. 

In order to regulate the services and up-to-date performance of a robust system, it requires quite significant participation of professionals rendering their intrusive learning.  

Although the software development deals with a variety of purposes, the demand lies in availing of custom software development services to outright the core competencies.  

Thus to meet the requirement of project guidelines, one can knock the door of a software outsourcing company for a practical alternative if they lack expertise in any manner.  

The software development service can range on the scale of required expertise, the need for advanced structured tools, mitigating the workload of the in-house team and implantation of advanced technology in source code of the software.  

Top Software Trends to Watch Out in Upcoming Year: 

The 21st century currently is witnessing the drastic advancement in technology, responsible for changing the complete outlook of the business model. 

The obligation to stand in race, arouse the call for the implementation of evolving trends. The traditional methods are drifting with improved alternatives.  

It’s vital for the organization to advance with techniques upgrading the scale of business and customer’s experience with the promise of data security and custom applications respective to the anticipated need. 

Following are the listed trends, embarking their mirror image on our days out chores, that will further continue to evolve in future; 

1. Inclusion of Mixed Reality in App Development: 

The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), are trendy names encompassing the interface of mobile applications. 

The inclusion of mixed reality has widened the market options for culling at customer’s end. The effect has opened the belvedere for ‘Try and Test’ concept before the investment of sum. 

The AR aids in gaining real-time experience, quite famous in the domain of entertainment and e-commerce. Whereas, the VR is exclusively applied in the entertainment industry. 

Thus, the distinct approach of AR and VR offers the organization the need to hire AR developers, designing the core for the framework.  

Unlike VR, AR doesn’t require any special set of hardware. Thus, the feature to discern and abscond the additional utilities raises the call for AR moreover in the near future. 


2. Blockchain Technology beyond Finance: 

Blockchain is quite a famous term used in securing gestures related to banking investments and transactions.  

The Hash of Block is gripped with security feature encapsulating the details of particular from the menace with the permission to view the timestamps and general details of the applicant. 

With evolving technology, the mechanism of Blockchain is moving beyond the clouds. The retail, healthcare, media industry and software development services are witnessing the ledger of technology implicating the simplified yet secured mode of decentralized mechanism. 

This is the defined reason for looking up to the hiring of more Blockchain developers for flare outgrow in future. 


3. Hybrid Application- Progressive Web Application: 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is considered as a hybrid model of Web Application and Mobile Application. It differs in nature and its functionalities as compared to regular mobile applications. 

The PWAs run on a script called Service Worker, easy to operate and maintain as compared to prior. The script enables offline usage of visited websites, background updates and smart caches. It further results with attracting a number of customers, due to its additive advantage of operations on low internet speed. 


4. The collaboration of Artificial Intelligence and IoT: 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) intricate the deployment of Machine Learning working on algorithms to grasp the events and takes the wise decision without the need for human intervention. 

Whereas, the Internet of Things (IoT) dots the mechanism of daily life with the advanced and futuristic interface of technology. It alerts the customer regarding mal-functionalities tend to occur in the near future.  

The dual technology is successful in revolutionizing the aeon through the steps of automation. The collaborative move can cause a tremendous change in the outlook of a business, raising the demand of developers working for the same either in-house team or expertise from a software outsourcing company. 


5. Outsourcing Software Development: 

The obligation of software development services is increasing in the industrial domain. The number of organizations is moving to the option of a software development company for cutting the cost and resources. 

The outsourced team of developer and software are expertise and well-trained in their field irrespective to lacks with best of input in project and business’s procedure. 

In Conclusion: 

It is preeminent imperative for organizations to drive with the pace of these trends, in order to glean in skirts of market. To the rescue of this development, the software outsourcing company can act as a big aid in inflating the insights and cause an upgraded hike in the scale of business. 

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How to Keep Your Company’s Healthcare Data Secure? 13 Sep 2019, 12:43 pm

The last year 2018 has seen many data breaches. So it is obvious that every industry is concentrating on providing the best security for their data. However, the healthcare industry acquires the most sensitive data. This data includes all the health details of the patients. Therefore, for any healthcare organizations securing the health data is very challenging.

To satisfactorily implement Healthcare Insurance data security, the organization needs to properly have an idea of how strong and effective cybersecurity is provided. Sometimes it is not just enough if you dump a few pieces of free protecting software and just sit back and relax.

You need to thoroughly investigate the cybersecurity details and requirements to avoid any sort of data compromise. A sophisticated approach to control healthcare data breach is needed right now.


In this article, we will learn about a few steps to protect sensitive healthcare data.


Have a Strong Data Policy:

Many companies or organizations do not invest much in their data security. Given that, you need to know it is shocking to see that less than a quarter (21%) of small businesses have a strong cyber insurance policy when compared to more than half (58%) of large companies.

According to reports, 47 percent of organizations fall prey to low data security standards. The consequences of getting your healthcare data stolen could affect your firm in many ways. One of them lies in the fact that it will cost your reputation in the industry.

Rest of them are followed by loss of your hard earned money, disruption in everyday business, allocating budgets on data recovery and many more.

Therefore, the most simple solution to this is to have a strong data policy. This can be done in two ways.

The first and foremost thing is employees need to be aware of how serious this problem is. There should be a team to focus on explaining what unsecured networks are and how do avoid them. Focus on explaining both their work devices and personal devices.

Most importantly, make them aware of the different types of cybercrime your organization may face. Furthermore, explain how much these attacks cost your business, and highlight the necessary preventive measures.

For example, train them on what types of sites they must avoid and what kind of files, links or documents they should not access or open. Most of them spend the leisure time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you should explain the social media frauds and warm them not to accept any request from the unknown or provide any sort of information about the company.

Secondly, to build a strong cybersecurity policy. As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive document which contains all the clear guidelines for your employees on how to share and consume online data to protect data privacy.

Hence, these guidelines should be written in a simple and easy language. Additionally, they need to follow a set of rules on how an employee should behave to avoid a data breach and also the immediate steps to take when the hack occurs.


Securing Mobile Access:

The usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are on high use. Therefore, the usage of these mobile devices is the primary concern with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

However, there are many new types of connected devices In healthcare industry medical devices like blood pressure monitors may be connected to a network.

Here are some tips for maintaining adequate connected device security include:

  • To maintain IoT devices on their own separate network
  • To monitor IoT device networks to identify sudden changes in any login credential activity levels that may indicate a healthcare data breach.
  • To implement a  strong multi-factor authentication always.
  • Make sure all the connected devices are updated to ensure better network security for the healthcare data.
  • To perform regular mock testings about unidentified device logins and the required call to actions.

Invest in an Anti-Malware and Firewall Software/Hardware:

We have seen a series of new kinds of cyber attacks in the year 2018. The best solution to avoid a healthcare data breach is to invest in a solid anti-malware and firewall software protection.


Malware is still the dominant form of cybercrime. We have witnessed Crypto mining attacks gained greater popularity and have risen by 141%.

Healthcare Cyber attacks have become more complex. They are a cluster of series of individual attacks that work cohesively and aim to attack the different components of your business and network.

However, the IoT devices are also considered the next critical victim of cybercriminals in 2019. Some popular botnets like IoT Reaper and Mirai have signified how harmful and infecting connected devices can be.

Let us see, for example, the main purpose of targeting your company and the sensitive data is by infecting your business website. Thereby, a hacker can crack your password, manage your business devices, manipulate the data and finally breach your data without even you getting noticed.

However, the security software confirms the suspicious website they hacked as a trusted device, thus the commands which are coming will not appear dangerous.

You can now find many anti-virus software on the internet to download is not that effective against hackers. They are not designed for early infections and can be too late to save the healthcare data.

Because of that, you need to rely on cyber solutions that are designed with convenience and responsibility. The firewall software you choose needs to identify different types of threats and segregate them on timely basis preventing from attacking your systems and healthcare data. Make sure to provide real-time detection and quick response for great security.


Encryption and Backup your Data:

It is not sufficient just to depend on malware and firewall software but also implement data encryption and always backup data from time to time. Any significant cybersecurity strategy should be implemented in two aspects.

First of all, you need to invest in strong firewall hardware that prevents cyber crimes from accessing the data.

Secondly, hackers will try to steal all the vital information about your users, this is where data encryption comes into action.

SSL/TLS certificates can help you to encrypt data during online transactions, so hacker cannot be able to decrypt the stolen information such as the customer’s name, age, health insurance details, credit card, social security number, or any other data. You should install high security EV SSL Certificate in your website to secure your patients sensitive data.

Invest in an authentic encryption software that works for all your business devices and encrypt your imperative data. Additionally, always make sure that the software is always activated and update regularly.

Besides encryption, backing up your business data up your business data is another big step to follow. Timely backup of all the data and storing it on the cloud makes it almost impossible to hack the data.


Perform Regular Penetration Testing:

Implementing the powerful penetration tools on your company website makes a great difference. In layman’s language, penetration testing is the practice where hackers use to detect the vital vulnerabilities in your security systems and use them to sneak peek and hack your data.

Whenever a hacker tries to steal your data or even tries to enter your territory, it won’t be that simple. A hacker should go through a series of penetrating login credentials to access your network.

By the time, the hacker tries to enter all the required information you can step in to conquer and rest is history!

However. there are several penetration testing tools you can easily afford. Some of them include Nmap, Acunetix, or Nessus.


Key Notes:

Protecting the data in the Healthcare Industry is no cake walk. No matter how careful we are, hackers always find a way to enter and snatch away the important user data information.

Many organizations do not completely understand the need for cybersecurity and often think as additional investment. But as a matter of fact, cybersecurity is a basic need that every healthcare insurance companies should rely on.

Think form the hackers point of view and act accordingly. Lastly, remember sometimes stepping in the shoes of your enemies is the only way to beat them!!


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The Importance of Continuing Professional Development in Tech 13 Sep 2019, 12:20 pm

So, you’ve obtained your degree, undergone the necessary practical experience and landed the tech job you were aiming for. Mission accomplished, right? Not quite. While the first and perhaps most important part of your mission is well and truly realized, this is not the time to become sedentary.  

The rate at which innovation is accelerating in the tech industry is so rapid that a massive gap is developing between the requirements of professionals and their abilities. The same is true for the number of available tech jobs and the number of qualified workers who can fill those positions.  

Additionally, higher education institutions simply can’t keep up with modern tech trends. This is leaving more and more graduates with nothing more than a certificate and student debt, but not the knowledge and skills required by today’s employers. On the bright side, this is opening up a variety of unique and exciting career opportunities.  

These opportunities can be leveraged by motivated professionals in exchange for high salaries and strong job security due to widespread demand for their skills. This is where the importance of continuing professional development is most evident, particularly in the tech industry. 

However, there are many additional benefits to continuing professional development that impact more than the professional themselves. In order to help you take the right steps towards ensuring your future success as a professional in tech, let’s take a look at what makes continuing professional development so important.  


Staying Competitive 

By continuing professional development (CPD), you’ll be able to compete with your fellow employees and stay in the running for future job promotions. Without it, you may remain in the same position and miss out on valuable opportunities. Employers notice those who put in the extra effort to remain on top of their game.  


Community Service 

CPD doesn’t only ensure your own prosperity, but also that of your customers, clients and the community. By enhancing your knowledge and skills, you’ll be able to continue providing a professional service in your work. For instance, let’s compare an app developer who continues their professional development and one who doesn’t.  

The app developer who keeps up to date with trends and new innovations in their industry will inevitably create a better product for their company’s customers to use. This can include providing a better user experience, making the app work on a wider variety of devices, or something even more important, such as ensuring the security of the app.  

In contrast, the app developer who doesn’t bother continuing their professional development could end up making an app that frustrates its users and puts their personal data at risk by not being up-to-date with current security standards. This makes it clear that CPD has a far-reaching impact on society as a whole. 


Networking Opportunities 

A popular way to continue professional development is to attend conferences, seminars and events that help you broaden your knowledge about your industry. This is not only a great way to sharpen your know-how and improve the way you work; it can also open up a wealth of networking opportunities, as you’ll be surrounded by like-minded professionals in the same industry as you.  

Depending on your goals, this can mean anything from a new employer taking notice of you and offering a high-paying position at their company, to an investor who is interested in funding one of your ideas. It’s impossible to quantify the potential that networking has for your career until you do it.  


Organizational Benefits 

Of course, a clear benefit of CPD is the positive impact it will make on your company and its employees. Your higher level of knowledge and skills will help your team produce better products or services and tackle projects at a faster, more accurate pace. You’ll become better at identifying new ways to carry out operations and make your business better.  

Additionally, CPD can assist you in moving to new positions where you can use your knowledge and skills to manage, influence, coach, lead and mentor others who aspire to follow in your footsteps. Your widespread contribution is not only beneficial to others, but will also contribute to making your career a fulfilling and rewarding experience.  


New Possibilities 

Through CPD, you can become more interested and interesting. Delving into new topics and ideas can open up new possibilities, knowledge and skill areas for you to take advantage of. It can help you develop a greater appreciation for the impact and implications of your career.  

Another widespread benefit is that those who CPD are playing an integral role in advancing the body of knowledge within their profession. This is particularly valuable in the tech industry. Once again, there’s no telling just how much potential lies in continued professional development and the opportunities it can bring your way.  


Overall Contribution to Society 

It’s no secret that technology has completely revolutionized the way we live in just about every single aspect. It has made the world a safer, cleaner and overall better place in many ways. This would not be the case without the help of those who innovated and kept pushing technology past its purported limits.  

These scientists, inventors and professionals achieved this by constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Without that effort, they wouldn’t have made the discoveries that lead to their innovations. And so, it’s evident that CPD contributes to much more than just the professional or their organization. 

Depending on where its practiced, CPD can contribute to the environment, sustainability, quality of life, safety, property and the economy. Feeling motivated? All that’s left to do is to figure out where to start. Let’s take a look at a few ways that can help you continue your professional development.  


How to Continue Your Professional Development in Tech 

With the internet offering a wealth of learning resources and opportunities, it naturally makes a suitable starting point. Depending on your career, you can complete courses on a variety of relevant subjects from the comfort of your own home. Go for those that can contribute to your development as a whole, instead of those with an intense focus.  

For instance, most tech professionals can benefit from having improved sales skills. In this case, you can take a few sales training courses to brush up on your knowledge of what it takes to be an effective salesperson. You can find a variety of sales training courses at with information on their date, price, location and duration.  

Once you’ve put together a collection of courses to get around, consider attending local events and seminars related to your industry. Additionally, you can join a professional organization that offers access to training materials. Popular organizations in tech include the ISACA and ISSA.  

A simple approach to CPD that you can practice daily is to read. Whether it’s your favorite technology blog or a tech-focused news website, keeping up to date with the latest trends is a great way to open the door to future opportunities. 

Finally, don’t forget that you can often learn the most by doing something yourself. Consider working on a personal project in your spare time to get some hands-on experience and learn a few things along the way.  

CPD should be at the core of your personal responsibilities. Given its benefits, it’s safe to say that there is no better time than now to continue your professional development and become a master of your craft.  

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Branding With Colors 12 Sep 2019, 7:55 pm

Dark and stormy, bright and happy, pastel and playful, primary and bold. Red for love, black for mourning, yellow for friendship, blue for trust, green for diesel, white for minimalism – there are probably more meanings to colors than colors themselves.  

When you are about to take the important step in your brand design and start planning your logo, stationery, email signatures, stickers, t-shirts, and even office interior design, you think colors first and foremost. In fact, most people already have colors in mind before they even cross the threshold of a design office.  

Graphic designers, UX designers, brand managers, and print and collateral companies like Stickeroo who help you create your brand and make it look it’s best. But before you choose a color “just because” consider what they mean in the business world, or even in your niche.  

For example, there are colors that are automatically associated with a niche – people have been conditioned to perceive one meaning, depending where they live. For example, in some countries white is the color of mourning, while in most Western countries white is worn by brides, and black is reserved for funerals and mourning.  

In the world of business and industry, green is usually a color associated with the environment, or with being eco-friendly. This is why so many companies that we don’t usually associate with being green have rebranded to make themselves look more friendly. Take the oil giant BP for example.  

In the 60s their logo’s extremely dark green color was associated with “British racing green”, but in the late 80s it changed to being a light, leafy green color – and in 2000 they completely rebranded their shield logo to look like a green and yellow sunflower. It makes consumers associate them differently, when in fact, they are still selling the same product they were in the 1920s. Smooth move!  

If you want some tips on how to properly choose a color and make your clients associate you with your niche, take a look at the infographic below:  

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