Transform Campus Waste


Our project team will create a Living Learning Laboratory (LLL) to engage the U-M community in developing sustainable campus waste management solutions. Currently, U-M sends over 12,000 tons of waste to a landfill; by 2025, U-M aims to reduce this to 7,900 tons. The team will focus on evaluating systems for capturing energy (biogas) from waste rather than allowing it to be emitted as greenhouse gas (GHG) from landfills.

Student Team:  Julie Bateman, Seth Buchsbaum, Sampurna Datta, Dr. Xunchang Fei, Dr. Xavier Fonoll Almansa, T.J. Plegue, Jacob Villarreal Pohlenz.
Advisors: Dr. Dimitrios Zekkos, Dr. Lutgarde Raskin, Dr. Jerome P. Lynch.