Haiti-DR Community Assessment Border Initiative


Team Members

Jeffrey Thiele, Vicky Koski-Karell, Michael Rozier, Jessica Carlile, Dr. Angel Valdez, Kailey Stutzky, Nicholas Gregory


Dr. Scott Stonington

Project Summary

During summer 2016 this project team conducted health assessments in four rural Haitian communities with support from their Distinguished Award seed grant. These health assessments sought to ascertain the conditions of several factors that contribute to the sustainability of a community’s wellness such as the health of mothers and their infants, nutritional status of infants, and households’ access to sanitation. Key findings show the need of community education around childbirth and postnatal care, nutrition, and environmental conditions such as latrine location in order to improve community health. Through mapping out communities near the Haiti-DR border, the project team explored and quantified the relationship between proximity to a latrine and child health.

The team is now working with governmental agencies and Haiti-based NGOs and is seeking support for training local community health workers to make regular visits to mothers, infants and children in these communities.