Food Recovery Network


Food Recovery Network’s project aims to to recover food from Martha Cook, Oxford, and other dining halls on campus by buying refrigerators and coolers to keep the food cool before recoveries. The PBSIF grant will allow FRN to begin recovering food from every dining hall on campus in the next year.

This project will help reduce the amount of food wasted on campus, decreasing the carbon footprint of the university, and work towards the university wide sustainability goals. Food waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, and while Michigan Dining has made great strides to handle post-consumer food waste through composting and other efforts, Food Recovery Network helps reduce waste on a pre-consumer level. This project will help Michigan Dining comply with the EPA’s Food Recovery hierarchy model by helping feed hungry people with the unused food. FRN continues to transform the way communities view and handle surplus food with hopes that food recovery will become as commonplace as recycling.

Student Team: Anne Grech, Jenna Endsley, Jenny Pieczynski, Max Gaegauf, Jordan Priest, Sachie Kakehi, Monica Nedeltchev, and Josh Kim.