Program Highlights

Planet Blue Room – Planet Blue Student Leaders (from the pilot year) designed this program to be a “green dorm room” certification program open to any student Housing. Students fill out a quick online form, pledging to complete certain sustainable actions, and then receive their certification. This program is still active today and students can certify their room here.

Skill Share Festival – The 2012-2013 class project was the planning and execution of a “Skill Share” festival for U-M students, specifically targeted at students leaving Housing to live on their own for the first time. Workshops included vermi-composting, Yoga, creating homemade laundry detergent, sustainable coffee brewing, bean-sprouting, and more!

Kill-a-Watt Desserts in the Dark – Several PBSL teams have hosted a “Desserts in the Dark” event in their halls, encouraging residents to shut off the lights, unplug their electronics, and join them for a “candle-lit” hour of treats, energy-related trivia, and other activities.

Light Bulb Terrariums – As PBSLs encouraged their hallmates to trade out energy-wasting incandescent bulbs for CFLs, they came up for a creative re-use project for the old bulbs. They used sand, moss, and plants to turn them into lovely terrariums!

Water Refill Stations – Working with Housing facilities staff, PBSLs help bring water refill stations to the residence halls.

Light Switch Stickers – PBSLs in Oxford Housing and beyond placed “Turn off the light!” reminders on light switch plates in their buildings.

BYO Mug! Hot Chocolate – There is nothing like free hot chocolate in Michigan’s long, cold winters to attract your fellow residents to stop and talk for a minute about sustainability, and make sure they fill up their own reusable mug!

Waste Sort – As part of RecycleMania and learning about waste in the residence halls, PBSLs have suited up and sorted through Markley’s waste for three years in a row. This 1.5 hour sort has given PBSLs and Housing great insight into what students recycle, and what they still throw in the trash. There is room for improvement!

Challenge Program – Every fall the PBSLs bus out to U-M’s Challenge Program facilities for a day on the low-ropes course for exciting obstacle-course-like activities in the woods that serve as team-building and leadership skill development.

Rufus RecycleMania Promotion Video – a team of PBSLs used the U-M Recycling mascot, Rufus, to create a video encouraging students to get pumped up about RecycleMania! You can see the video at