Planet Blue Student Leaders

PBSL Photo Gallery

  • Planet Blue Student Leaders participate in the outdoor “Challenge Program” to develop leadership and team-work skills each year.

  • Several PBSLs hosted a “clothing swap” to encourage residents to swap unwanted clothes instead of trashing them and buying new.

  • PBSLs promote the annual Kill-a-Watt energy-saving competition in the residence halls each fall.

  • PBSLs developed the “green dorm room” certification program, Planet Blue Room.

  • As a group project, PBSLs put on a “skill-share” festival where any Housing students could come learn sustainable-living skills before leaving to live off-campus.

  • To better understand waste and recycling behaviors of students living the halls, PBSLs don haz-mat suits and sort through Markley’s trash – identifying items that could have been recycled or donated for re-use.

  • PBSLs helped advocate for water bottle refill stations found across Housing.

  • PBSLs work in small groups to discuss sustainability issues and work on plans to improve sustainability in their halls.

Planet Blue Student Leaders living in University Housing and work to improve sustainability in the residence halls and across Student Life. For the 2016-2017 academic year, this will be a paid student position. If you are interested, please APPLY HERE.

Planet Blue Student Leaders assist with sustainability projects and are empowered to carry out their own sustainability initiatives and campaigns with resource and staff support. Positition includes paid training in leadership skills, communication, and organizational change.

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