Energy Contacts

energy-iconDo you have questions about energy use at U-M facilities?  Do you see and need to report energy waste in U-M facilities?  Please contact:

Here are a few tips from our U-M Energy Managers:

What are the best ways to reduce energy use in the office, residence halls, or classrooms?

  • Keep windows closed during the heating and cooling seasons in U-M buildings.  If windows are opened, remember to close them when the room is no longer occupied, especially over night.
  • Don't use space heaters.  Space heaters can disrupt regular heating operations.  If you suspect a malfunctioning heating system leading to uncomfortable conditions, report it. 
  • Especially in spring and fall with flucuating temperatures, wear layers or have a sweater on hand so you can easily adjust to your personal comfort level versus adjusting the heating or cooling. 
  • Set and leave thermostat settings at appropriate temperature ranges between 68 and 72 degrees (76 in some UMHHC facilities).
  • If the room is served by air conditioning and uses "re-heat" coils to warm the chilled air, it's best to leave the thermostat at 68 degrees during the cooling season to minimize re-heating.

If we were to ask our friends and co-workers to do one thing to conserve energy, what should it be?

  • Turn off any power switch that operates an electrical device that is not being used, from room light switches to the little LED switches on computer monitors (when possible).

What is an example of what we should keep an eye out for as possible energy waste?

  • Un-necessary heat during the cooling season.  When outdoor temperatures are warmer than interior space temperatures, building heating systems should be off (except for re-heat coils).  Heat emanating from radiators during the cooling season may be due to failed valves and thus should be reported.