How do you let others know about your role as a Planet Blue Ambassador? How do you invite others to become a PBA? How do you reach out to others about sustainability?  As this page develops, it will provide resources to help you communicate about sustainability and describe your role as a Planet Blue Ambassador.


Sample Introductory Email:


I have recently been certified as a University of Michigan Planet Blue Ambassador (PBA).  Planet Blue is U-M’s sustainability initiative.  As an ambassador for this initiative, I will stay up to date on sustainability efforts at U-M and be a resource for other U-M community members.  I will also be working with other Planet Blue Ambassadors from around the U-M community to foster a culture of sustainability here at U-M.

As part of the program, I will occasionally share relevant sustainability updates and information with you.  If you have questions or want to share an idea about any aspects of sustainability, please let me know. I welcome the discussion!

If you are also interested in becoming a Planet Blue Ambassador, you can become certified by completing the five sustainability training modules at

[Consider ending with a sustainability tip or fact you think the recipient would appreciate]