PBA Action Week!

Planet Blue AmbassadorsDid you know that since the program was founded, Planet Blue Ambassadors have completed more than 35,000 sustainable actions on their online dashboards? To encourage PBAs to continue their efforts, we’re hosting a PBA Action Week! From April 1 to 8, any PBA who completes enough actions on their dashboard to earn 250 lifetime points will be eligible to vote for one of three campus sustainability initiatives that the PBA program will support. The initiative receiving the most votes will win!

Initiatives You Can Vote For:

Maize and Blue Cupboard Groceries

Recent research from the School of Public Health suggests that 30% to 40% of students at U of M experience food insecurity. Maize and Blue Cupboard is the new food pantry on campus that is working to lessen this burden for students at the University of Michigan. They operate a pantry-of-choice (shop for what you want/need) to anyone with an Mcard, with no questions asked. Voting for this option would mean that the PBA program would support a week’s worth of groceries for up to 550 students.

TerraCycle Coffee Bag Recycling

We all know the University of Michigan runs on coffee, but what you may not know is that there is a pilot program to recycle coffee bags on campus. Typically, coffee bags must be disposed of in the landfill where they could take 500+ years to break down. But, with this program, any coffee bag that is 1lb or larger can be recycled, supporting our campus sustainability goal to reduce the waste we send to landfill by 40% by 2025. Voting for this option would mean that the PBA program would supply campus with 10 additional coffee bag recycling boxes from TerraCycle estimated to reduce waste by about 230 lbs.

Interfraternity Council Recycling Signage

The Planet Blue Student Leaders (PBSLs) and the Interfraternity Council (IFC) have partnered this year to roll out recycling at 12 fraternity houses and educate members on proper disposal. To take this initiative to the next level, the PBSLs have designed signage and stickers to help fraternity members easily identify what is recyclable versus what needs to be placed in landfill bins. Although fraternities are situated off-campus, this initiative would contribute towards continued culture change in support of U-M's 2025 sustainability goals. Voting for this option would mean that the PBA program would support the production of recycling signage and materials for the IFC Sustainability Initiative’s 12 current participants as well as future participants within fraternity and sorority life.

How it Works:

As soon as you have earned 250 lifetime points from logging sustainable actions on your Dashboard, click the link below to vote for which campus sustainability initiative you think PBA should support. Make sure to vote by 11:59pm on Monday, April 8th! Once all of the votes have been verified and counted, we'll announce the winner!

Vote Now!


Do I have to be a Planet Blue Ambassador to participate?

Yes you must be a certified Planet Blue Ambassador to participate.

How do I become a Planet Blue Ambassador?

To become a Planet Blue Ambassador you must complete all five training modules here.

Do I have to earn all 250 points during PBA Action Week?

No. As an Ambassador, your points will constantly accumulate. If you have already earned 250 points on your dashboard, you will automatically be eligible to vote, but we encourage you to set your own goal of accumulating 500 points and earning the highest level rank on the PBA dashboard: Sequoia.

How do I tell how many points I have earned?

Log in to your Dashboard, and in the green section under “Your Annual Stats” you will see the number of sustainability points you have accumulated.

Who do I contact about another question?

All other questions and feedback can be sent to pba-information@umich.edu.