Sustainable Workplace Certification Program

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Instructions: Indicate Yes, No or Not Applicable to each of the statements. The percentage applicable that is answered "yes" determines the green rating your office receives. Not to worry if you reach questions you do not know the answers to, you can save the document and return to finish it at a later time.

Once you have completed the self-assessment, click "submit". You will receive an email with a tentative score and a request for a meeting time from a Sustainability Rep within a few days.  

Get Started!

Once we meet and verify that your workplace is following best practices, it will be awarded one of the four certification levels.  The checklist will provide resources to improve the ranking.

Platinum Level

Congratulations! Your workplace practices are top of the class.

Gold Level

Your workplace is making major efforts to reduce energy and is a great example for other departments.

Silver Level

Your workplace has taken extra steps to adopt greener practices. We hope you will continue to grow to Gold level!

Bronze Level

Your workplace has made the commitment to pursue greener practices. We hope you will continue to grow to the Silver and Gold levels!