Waste Reduction

We support U-M's 2025 campus sustainability goal of reducing waste sent to landfills by 40% by helping people across campus reduce, reuse and recycle. 

The recycling program has been reducing waste on campus for more than 30 years. Composting, a newer initiative, has the potential to reduce the university's waste to landfill by up to 40%.

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Waste Bin, Labeling & Standardization Initiative 

Help keep our recycling and compost clean!

Do you know where to throw your coffee cup or plastic bag? The education materials below highlight commonly misplaced items, which contaminate the recycling or compost. Take care to put items into the correct bins. It takes all of us to keep our recycling and compost programs strong! 

Would you like to help spread the word? Order free posters or magnets to post in your work area.

Know where to throw: items commonly misplaced in the recycling bins are coffee cups, plastic bags, and napkins and paper towels. These are not recyclable.    Items commonly misplaced in compost bins are sugar packets, plastic wrap or plastic bags, and regular paper cups and plates. These items are not compostable.