Recyclable Materials


Batteries are collected by Environmental Health & Safety. Please call them at 763-4568 to request a collection bucket for your office or building. Students living on campus should check with their residence hall’s Community Center for disposal information.

Bottle Caps

Bottle caps can be recycled through the Cap-ture pilot recycling program. Plastic and metal caps can be sent via campus mail to:

109 E. Madison St.
Campus Zip 2993

No flat plastic lids, lotion pumps or spray pumps. Open to the Ann Arbor campus only.

Campus Envelopes

If you have surplus campus envelopes, please box them, place them at your loading dock & email We will collect and redistribute them to campus. 

If you would like to request used campus envelopes, please email We can provide them at no cost. Note that there is often a waitlist for envelopes. Your request will be filled in the order it was received. We are unable to provide specific envelope quantities or sizes.


Cardboard boxes, clean pizza boxes, boxboard and paperboard can all be recycled in any recycling bin on campus. No wax-coated cardboard (like produce boxes) or hardcover books.

Coffee Bags

Bulk coffee bags (minimum 1 lb) can be recycled through this program. A printable flyer can be found here. Bags can be sent via campus mail to: 

Sustainable Kitchen
109 E. Madison St.
Campus Zip 2993

Other types of coffee packaging, such as capsules, filters, and discs are not accepted. Open to the Ann Arbor campus only.

Confidential Documents

Shredded paper should be bagged and placed in a recycling dumpster. If you are looking for a company to shred items for you, please visit U-M Procurement’s website.

Electronic Media

CDs, DVDs, plastic jewel cases, 3.5″ and 5″ floppy disks, audio and video cassettes, film reels, slides, and vinyl records are collected for recycling. If you have a small number to recycle, send them to:

Waste Management Services
1655 Dean Rd. – 2159

For large amounts, email to arrange a pick up.

Download Flyer

All University-purchased electronics, both broken and working, must go to Property Disposition. This includes items such as computer monitors, CPU’s, TV’s, cell phones, pagers, PDA’s and anything with a circuit board (this includes all items with a digital display).


Students in Residence Halls should take any broken electronics containing circuit boards to the designated area at their hall’s loading dock.


Only clean, dry, white, rigid, non-food service, #6 polystyrene can be recycled. It must be bagged separately and placed on the loading dock, not in the recycling dumpster. All other foam must be placed in the trash. Download a sign here


Beginning January 1, 2016, the University of Michigan must temporarily suspend the collection of glass for recycling. In the meantime:

  • Don’t generate waste glass. Avoid purchasing beverages and other foods, like salsa, peanut butter and jam, in glass containers.
  • Reuse your glass. Glass bottles and jars can be easily cleaned and used to store all sorts of things:
    • Candy
    • Salad
    • Spaghetti
    • Overnight oats
    • Paper clips
    • Your collection of fortunes from fortune cookies
    • Toothbrushes
  • If you can’t do any of the above, please place your glass in the trash, not recycling.
Hardcover Books

Contact to learn how to recycle hardcover books. Do not place them in the recycling bins.

Inkjet & Toner Cartridges

Our office works with Mikan Corporation, U-M’s strategic supplier for remanufactured cartridges, to recycle these items. Please contact them at They will deliver a collection box and pick it up when filled. If you are a Mikan customer, used cartridges are collected with every new order delivery. If you’re not a Mikan customer, please collect at least 10 used cartridges before contacting Mikan for a pickup or contact your current cartridge vendor. 

Departments with a Xerox managed multi-function device should contact Xerox.

Toner tubes are not accepted for recycling.

Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes

Milk cartons and juice boxes can be recycled in any recycling bin on campus. This includes aseptic boxes, Tetra-Paks and non-dairy milk cartons.


Small metal items can be placed in any recycling bin on campus. This includes cans, empty aerosol cans, metal pots, bakeware and office supplies. Large amounts of metal (e.g. shelving units, furniture, etc.) can be placed on the loading dock for collection. Have more than can fit on a dock? Request a roll off dumpster for collection.

Office Supplies

We host a office supply reuse event each summer.

Stay tuned for details on the 2019 event.

The 2018 Office Supply Amnesty and Collection Days was scheduled for June 27 and 28. On these dates, Waste Management Services crews collected gently-used office supplies from campus buildings and made them available at no cost to the University and local non-profits. This program supports the University of Michigan’s sustainability goal of reducing waste sent to landfills by 40% by 2025.

Furniture, electronics or anything broken will not be accepted.

Oral Care Products

Toothbrushes and outer packaging, caps and cartons, floss containers, and toothpaste tubes are accepted in this recycling program. A printable flyer can be found here 

To recycle, set up your own collection box. Once full, email to request a pre-paid shipping label. All shipments must be a minimum of 2 lbs.

For each shipment received, TerraCycle will donate $0.01 to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

All excess product must be removed. If the item has been rinsed, it mustbe completely dry prior to shipping. Electric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes and/or their parts are not accepted.


Most types of paper can be recycled in any recycling bin on campus. Do not place tissues, napkins, paper towels or paper coffee cups into the recycling bins.

Pipet Tip Boxes

Pipet tip boxes can be recycled through the Office of Campus Sustainability.


All plastic cups, bowls, tubs and bulky molded items (e.g. milk crates) can be placed in any recycling bin on campus. Do not place plastic bags, foam, cutlery, plates, caps or compostables in the recycling bins.

Snack Wrappers

Chip, candy, granola bar  and other snack wrappers can be recycled through the Snack Wrapper pilot recycling program. Items can be sent via campus mail to:

Snack Wrapper Recycling
109 E. Madison St.
Campus Zip 2993

Cardboard cartons are not accepted. Wrappers must be free of food particles to be accepted. Open to the Ann Arbor campus only.


Pallets and untreated scrap wood (crating, lumber) are collected from loading docks for reuse or recycling. Wood must be piled neatly on the loading dock and not block the dumpsters. This service is only available to the Ann Arbor campus.

Writing Instruments

Pens, mechanical pencils, markers and highlighters are all recyclable through the Recycle Write! Program. We are happy to recycle used writing instruments, but are unable to pick these items up. Please send them through campus mail to:

Recycle Write
109 E. Madison St.
Campus Zip 2993

Download Flyer