Recycling in Campus Buildings

Are you looking to recycle while on campus? You’ve come to the right place!

Services Offered

Single Stream Recycling

Paper, cardboard, plastics and metal can all be placed together in any campus recycling bin. Posters can be downloaded or requested through

Note that recycling bins cannot be placed in labs per U-M Environment, Health & Safety (EHS). 

Due to the potential for chemical, biological, or radioactive contamination, some types of materials are not recycled in labs. In general, materials that have been in contact with hazardous materials are not recycled. Recycling of contaminated materials can present a hazard to those engaged in the recycling process. It is our duty to protect these personnel from exposure to hazards. In addition, chemical or other hazardous materials can result in environmental contamination of downstream products, which would require the entire waste stream to be disposed of as a hazardous waste.

Strict labeling, segregation, and packaging requirements must be followed to ensure that unwanted hazardous materials are handled safely and disposed of in accordance with all applicable regulations. It is challenging to maintain full compliance and EHS inspectors have found that the added complexity of recycle bins in laboratories has on occasion resulted in hazardous material contamination in the bins. To simplify the process and prevent an exposure or very costly mistake, recycle bins are not allowed in labs that work with hazardous materials. It is the responsibility of the lab occupants to properly segregate recyclable materials within the lab and dispose of them in designated areas outside of the lab.    


Food waste and compostable disposables are collected from campus buildings and taken to the City of Ann Arbor’s compost site. Here is more information on the composting program.

Campus Envelopes

Used campus envelope requests should be directed to

Green Clean Days

Green clean days are departmental events dedicated to cleaning out space while diverting items from the landfill. If you want to plan a green clean day, please see our planning guide.

Stadium Recycling Program

Cardboard and plastics are collected from fans and vendors at each home football game. Want to learn more? Visit Athletics Sustainability site.

Bins, Carts & Dumpsters Requests

Central Bins

Central recycling bins can be requested by emailing (General Fund locations only) or by submitting a work order.

Desk-Side Trash & Recycling Bins

Desk-side trash & recycling bins can be requested by submitting a work order.

Blue Carts

½-cubic yard carts are available to campus units who wish to move large amounts of waste to the loading dock, usually as a part of a large-scale office cleanout. Carts are subject to a $25 delivery fee per dozen and requests can be made by submitting a work order. Please observe the following requirements:

  • Please give us 5 business days notice.
  • Deliveries only occur on Tuesdays & Thursdays and only to the loading dock, not inside the building.
  • A delivery & pickup date must be specified. If carts are not at the loading dock on this date, an additional $25 fee will be assessed. If the cart is not available for pickup within in one (1) month of the original pickup date, the work order will be charged a cart replacement fee of $150.
  • Cart emptying is the responsibility of the requesting party. Custodial assistance may be requested for a fee. Carts must be empty prior to pick up. If carts are not emptied, a $25 fee will be assessed and a new pick up date must be scheduled.

Additional recycling and trash dumpsters may be requested. They are available in 6- or 8-cubic yard capacities and are subject to a $25 delivery fee. Requests can be made by submitting a work order.

Roll Off Dumpsters

Roll off dumpsters are large, open dumpsters often found at construction sites. Waste Management Services can provide 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-cubic yard dumpsters. Prices are:

Roll Off 10 Yd 15 Yd 20 Yd 30Yd
Refuse $250.00 $350.00 $375.00 $400.00
Scrap Wood $200.00 $300.00 $325.00 $350.00
Scrap Metal $200.00 $300.00 $325.00 $350.00

Requests can be made by submitting a work order.

Compost Collection Carts
Compost collection carts are provided to customers participating in the university’s Food Waste Composting Program. If you are a current participant, please request additional carts by sending an email to

See how your campus building compares: Building Diversion Rates.