OCS Programs

OCS programs engage students, faculty, and staff in operational efforts to meet the university’s sustainability goals. OCS and our partners try to unify diverse sustainability efforts into cohesive actions that will help educate and motivate our campus community.

Waste Reduction Program

Coordinates and promotes recycling, composting, and sustainable procurement. 

Energy Management Program

Uses technology and education to conserve energy.


  • Sustainable Lab Program recognizes the efforts by research and teaching labs to include pollution prevention (P2), green chemistry, and lab safety practices in their day-to-day operations.
  • Sustainable Workplace Program recognizes faculty and staff for incorporating sustainable practices in the office environment.
  • ChEM Reuse Program enables laboratories to share chemicals and equipment they no longer need and obtain items they can put to use, for free!
  • EarthFest: Party for the Planet is an outreach initiative designed to educate and motivate the campus community on sustainability efforts and challenges facing U-M.
  • Sustainability Map provides the location of sustainability initiatives across the U-M campus.
  • Sustainability Town Halls