Sustainable Labs

Do you work in a lab? Are you interested in helping the environment while you teach or research? Labs offer many opportunities to improve sustainability on campus!

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Sustainable Lab Certification Program

We'll help you identify opportunities to make your lab more sustainable, from green chemistry to energy conservation to waste reduction and beyond! 

How does my laboratory become certified as sustainable?

First, complete an online self-assessment of current laboratory conditions and practices to the best of your ability. Anyone can represent their department and start the assessment. This person does not need to be a green guru, but rather someone who enjoys rallying their co-workers to reach a common goal.

After you submit your self-assessment, we will meet with you onsite, review the checklist, and answer questions. We will provide recommendations, a packet of resources, and ongoing technical assistance to help you implement best practices and make the largest impact feasible.

Your lab will receive a rating of Silver, Gold, or Platinum and will be recognized with a certificate and placement on the Sustainable Laboratory webpage.

Please contact Ken Keeler (734-936-6663) or email if you have questions about this program.

Certified labs

View list of certified labs.

ChEM Reuse Program

The ChEM Reuse Program supports U-M’s waste reduction goal by enabling surplus chemicals, lab equipment, and materials to be used in other campus labs rather than being sent out for disposal. Any U-M Ann Arbor lab can donate usable items or request items free of charge. Browse the inventory or learn how to donate items at the ChEM Reuse page.


U-M offers a variety of opportunities to recycle lab-specific items. For example, we can help you recycle: 

  • Water cartridges - Labs across campus now have the opportunity to recycle water cartridges. Current locations include BSRB Room 1721 and LSI Room 2451. If you are interested in water cartridge recycling in your lab, please email
  • Pipet tip boxes

Also see: A Guide to Reuse and Recycle Solid Waste Streams in the Teaching and Research Laboratories

Energy Conservation

Labs can be very energy-intensive, so small changes can save a lot of energy and money. We offer energy conservation tips and materials, such as: 

Green Chemistry