Sustainable Lab Recognition Program

The average laboratory consumes 4 to 10 times more energy and resources as compared to a class room or an office environment. They may generate large volumes of hazardous waste and consume large quantities of water. These impacts provide an opportunity to save energy and resources. The Sustainability Laboratory recognition program is designed by the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) to promote and practice sustainable operations in a more standardized way in teaching and research labs across our campus.

Benefits from this program include but not limited to:

  • The introduction to Green chemistry practices that our students and industry are expecting
  • Reduced consumption of energy and utilities
  • Reduction in use and generation of hazardous materials
  • Increase in reuse and recycling
  • Improved safety for lab students, faculty and staff

How does my laboratory become certified as sustainable?

First, complete and electronically submit an online self-assessment of the current laboratory conditions and practices to the best of your ability. Anyone can represent their department and start the assessment. This person does not need to be a green guru, but rather someone who enjoys rallying their co-workers to reach a common goal.

Once submitted, an OCS Sustainability Representative will meet with you onsite, review the checklist, and answer questions. OCS will provide recommendations and technical assistance to help implement best practices and make the largest positive environmental impact feasible. Based on the sustainable practices being followed in the lab, the lab will be given a rating of Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The lab will receive a packet of resources including informational handouts and signage. In addition to ongoing technical assistance, labs committed to reducing their environmental footprint through the Sustainable Laboratory Program will be recognized with the award of a certificate, and placement on the Sustainable Laboratory webpage.

Please contact: Ken Keeler (734-936-6663), or email if you have questions about this program.

Click here to view list of certified labs.