Sustainable Workplace Certification Program

Certified Sustainable Workplaces

Certification level is based on the number of sustainable behaviors your workplace has adopted.

  • Platinum - 95%
  • Gold- 90%
  • Silver - 80%
  • Bronze - 70%

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LSA: Classical Studies


Department of Classical Studies has upgraded from Bronze to the highest level of Platinum.   The department formed a green team, now purchases recycled content paper for their copiers, had a zero waste holiday party and a department retreat was also done as zero waste.  The advance preparation saved an average of 100 pieces of paper per person.  Over 50% of the staff are Planet Blue Ambassadors.  Sustainability is included in new employee orientation.


Shared Services


Shared Services has upgraded from Gold to Platinum status.  Staff members are encouraged with reminder cards to turn off computers and monitors at the end of the day. Over half of the staff are Planet Blue Ambassadors.  Paper is reduced by setting the multi-function devices to duplex printing and utilizing digital signage rather than posters.  Transportation on campus is tricky because they were not on the main bus route but they added a bike rack, and use carpooling spreadsheets that assist with commuting to meeting locations.  Sustainability is included in new employee orientation and sustainability topics are routinely included in staff meetings.

Center for Health Communications


Center for Health Communications reached Platinum level certification by implementing several sustainable practices.  Energy savings measures: laptops are turned off at night instead of just closing them, and stickers/sign have been placed at display monitors reminding staff to turn them off when not in use.  Waste savings measures: emailing the agenda for staff meeting instead of printing, cloth dish clothes are used instead of paper, washable dishes and flatware are being used for staff luncheons and everyday instead of disposable.  Over 50% of the staff are Planet Blue Ambassadors.

School of Information-North Quad


The School of Information located in North Quad has attained Platinum level certification.  Over 50% of the staff successfully completed Planet Blue Ambassador training.  The team Installed six gooseneck refill appliances for drinking fountains in North Quad; two in the UMSI academic space and four in shared North Quad spaces. In addition, steps were taken to have a sustainable lunchroom such as the elimination of disposable cups, multiple BYO mug incentives/mug donation promotions, the purchase of large water/tea service dispensers to replace bottled water and iced tea at events, and bulk coffee creamer to replace single packs.

Blavins Scholars Program


Blavin Scholars Program office reached Platinum level by removing all space heaters from the office and addressing temperature concerns with building staff. Over half of the Blavin Scholars staff have completed the Planet Blue Ambassador training, and the Green Team continues to look for ways to be more sustainable.

Palmer Commons


Palmer Commons has reached Platinum level in the Sustainable Workplace Certification program.  The group acquired new software that allowed them to reduce paper use by 60% for the management of their conference reservations.  Palmer Commons also limits supply ordering to one time per month and consolidates the requests by using a google form.  Over ½ of the staff are Planet Blue Ambassadors and the group continues to work with Energy management to improve energy efficiency in the building.

Fleming Shared Services


Fleming Shared Services received Platinum status by introducing new processes to reduce paper usage.   The group migrated to a large paper but only one page for reports that used to take multiple pages.  This reduced paper from 4-6 pages to one.  They also reduced paper requests from the customer.  Requests are now sent via email with scanned item.  All members of the team are Planet Blue Ambassadors and look forward to doing a zero waste event this fall.

Office of the VP for Student Life: Student Research


The Office of the VP for Student Life: Student Research team has received Platinum level as a Sustainable Workplace.  This team has been involved in the Sustainable Culture Indicator Program (SCIP) which surveys staff, faculty, students and alumni regarding Sustainable behaviors.  Staff bring their own reusable dishware and most of the staff have completed the Planet Blue Ambassador training. 



 SORC received Platinum status by eliminated a halogen lamp and insuring all desk lamps have CFL or LED bulbs.  Halogen requires more energy and can be a fire hazard.  Powering all Computer equipment off at night and when not in use. During breaks the microwave and mini fridge are unplugged.  SORC resells unclaimed Diag boards to be reused and they have automated their reservation system to make it more efficient and save paper.  Paper that is still required has been reduced to ½ the size.

Ginsberg Center


The Ginsberg Center attained Platinum status as a Sustainable Workplace. 100% of the staff are Planet Blue ambassadors and the training is included in the handbook for new employees. All printing is defaulted to duplex. Energy savings include the adjustment of power settings on computers, motion sensing power strips. Sustainability has been and will continue to be discussed on a monthly basis at staff meetings.