Sustainable Workplace Certification Program

Certified Sustainable Workplaces

Certification level is based on the number of sustainable behaviors your workplace has adopted.

  • Platinum - 95%
  • Gold- 90%
  • Silver - 80%
  • Bronze - 70%

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Office of the President


Originally certified as platinum in 2015, the office was recertified as a platinum level Sustainable Workplace in 2019. The office cleaned out the main fridge and were able to decommission a mini fridge that had been used for overflow. The office uses all compostable plates, cups, and flatware, and have plans to use actual dishes after the move to Ruthven in 2021. Staff are encouraged to use their own mugs, water bottles, etc. In the President's kitchen, reusable dishes and flatware are used daily as well as for hosted meetings over lunch. For events, linens are brought in, rather than purchasing single use plastic table cloths. The entire floor shares compostable kitchen supplies, each department is responsible for a different item (i.e. cups or plates and bowls.) To save on transportation, temporary office space is provided for executive officers from outside of the building when they have meetings on site. Prior to holidays, a reminder is sent out to make sure to turn off and unplug everything from the work areas.  

College of Engineering Facilities Management Office


Originally certified as a Platinum Workplace in 2016 the team was re-certified in 2019.  The team continues to share sustainability information once a month and insure the lights are off in rooms that aren’t occupied.  Over 50% of the staff are certified as Planet Blue Ambassadors and the team leads by educating others on composting, procuring more sustainable products and energy savings.

Procurement Services


Originally certified as at Silver in 2015, Procurement re-submitted and became certified as Platinum.  The department has composting in the kitchen and uses bulk kitchen supplies in place of single use to reduce waste.  They utilize the variety of recycling options that are available such as coffee bags, pens and electronic media. They also use ‘print on demand’ options on the multi-function printers, and use electronic storage of bid events and contracts.  Over 50% of the Procurement staff are certified as Planet Blue Ambassadors.

Facilities and Operations Administration:


Originally certified in 2016, the AVP for Facilities and Operations office was Re-Certified as a Platinum Sustainable Workplace in 2019. Over 50% of the staff are certified as Planet Blue Ambassadors and with the facility managers' leadership, the entire buidling is composting coffee grounds and kitchen scraps. Instead of water jugs, the water dispenser in the office refrigerator is used.   


Graham Sustainability Institute


Originally certified in 2013, Graham Sustainability Institute was recertified as Platinum in 2019.  The office saves energy by using a motion sensor on the water heater so that it turns off at night and on weekends and a timer on the coffee makers. They tested out the energy use of the coffee maker using a kill-a-watt meter.  The office reduces waste by participating in office amnesty day instead of throwing away unused office supplies. Thoughtful purchasing by buying B2P pens that are made from recycled water bottles and are refillable. The gifts given to speakers are generally very eco-friendly (succulents, reusable bags, things made from bamboo, etc).  They reduce employee communte miles by participating in the Commuter Challenge and allowing staff with bikes to have elevator keys so they can store them in the office. In addition, we have allowed flexible work arrangements for several staff that enable them to work almost entirely from home (out of state, out of town). Graham manages the Planet Blue Ambassador program with over 4500 PBA’s to date.  Learn more about Graham at



Palmer Commons


Originally certified in 2016, Palmer Commons was recertified at the Platinum level in 2019. The manager double checks all electronics and lights are off in buildling before departing. The group no longer printing 30-40 sheets of paper for meetings, having gone digital. One printer was removed from the office and now all use a shared printer on 3rd floor. The staff generally walk to all other meetings on campus.  Events at Palmer use select caterers. The team requested a one page zero waste event document to provide to event planners when the space is reserved. This will reduce the amount of contamination from caterers and will continue the education.



Facilities and Operations Training


Facilities and Operations Training received Platinum status by composting in their kitchen and using compostable plates and flatware.  All equipment is powered down and unplugged when not in use over the holiday break. The group relies on electronic communication and filing for most systems,  adapting Slack for office communication. It acts almost like an IM/text software to access from phones and/or computers. They create online Google documents to share with staff and have created an online form for Outdoor Events. Training is working on creating an online training form and has put into production Litmos tracking system for F&O to track training for all staff. 

Spreading awareness at monthly F&O Orientation classes by zero-wasting the entire event and briefly giving a 5-minute speech on compostable products.

Office of Campus Sustainability


This past year the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office and the Energy Management Office joined the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS).  The combined group recently moved and has qualified for Platinum status in their new location. 100% of the staff are certified Planet Blue Ambassadors.  Used Office furniture was installed for ½ of the space. White boards and other office items were obtained through Property Disposition. A water refill station was installed as part of the remodel and replaced a plastic jug water system.  Motion detection was installed in the copy room, rest rooms and the staff kitchen. Reusables are exclusively used in the staff kitchen. The department orders bulk Fair Trade Organic coffee which is prepared into a thermal carafe, Organic tea and bulk creamer.  The copy room orders include 100% recycled content paper, recycled content refillable pens and other recycled content paper supplies. The copier defaults to double sided and black & white with the majority of staff set up for secure print. Office supplies that are no longer required are sent to the Office Supply day. All events and the staff kitchen are zero waste. A number of staff actively bike and walk throughout campus.

Life Sciences Institute


Life Science Institute-Administration has achieved Platinum level certification in the Sustainable Workplace Program.  100% of the staff are certified Planet Blue Ambassadors. Within LSI, 6 labs are certified as Sustainable Labs. Technology is used to reduce travel and improve efficiency.  


Orthotics and Prosthetics


Michigan Medicine: Orthotics and Prosthetics gained platinum status in the Sustainable Workplace Program.  Over 50% of Staff are Planet Blue Ambassadors, a Green Team was established, the group removed disposables from kitchen, is purchasing paper with at least 30% recycled content are Including sustainability in onboarding.  The team demonstrated innovation by working with Office of Campus Sustainability to find a vendor that would take the scrap plastic from the making of prosthetics for recycling.