Planet Blue Water Bottle Initiative

Help save our planet. Use your Planet Blue water bottle! 

Through this initiative all first-year undergraduates will receive a reusable water bottle when they arrive on campus. 

Each student who chooses to refill their bottle rather than using single-use bottled water will help protect the environment. The average American uses 166 disposable water bottles each year. If every first-year student participates, together they will remove thousands of bottles from the environment each month contributing to the removal of nearly one million bottles in one year.

Refilling your Planet Blue water bottle is easy on campus with more than 100 drinking fountains equipped with a bottle-filling device. Check out the sustainability map for water refill locations and other sustainability related places on campus, such as green buildings, nature areas and student-based green initiatives.

Be a part of the student community that is making a difference. Refill your reusable water bottle. You can make a difference.

Did you know?

  • According to the Earth Policy Institute, more than 30 billion plastic water bottles end up as garbage or litter each year in the U.S.
  • One in six people lack access to clean drinking water. We are fortunate that here in Ann Arbor approximately 85% of municipal drinking water is local and comes from the Huron River.
  • Using a reusable water bottle is environment-friendly and cost efficient.
  • It takes 5 liters of water to make about 1 liter of bottled water. It also requires about a quarter of a water bottle of oil to produce, transport, and dispose of a single bottle of water.

The Planet Blue water bottle initiative is a collaborative three-year commitment by several units, departments and student organizations to engage students in creating a healthy and environmentally sustainable campus culture. The initiative supports the university’s commitment to reducing waste on campus by 40 percent and investing in programs to further educate students, faculty and staff on sustainability.

*Facts and information provided by City of Ann Arbor and Earth Policy Institute.