Planet Blue: Sustainability at the University of Michigan


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U-M Flint Free Course on Water Crisis

U-M Flint offers free course on the water crisis

The department of Public Health and Health Sciences at U-M Flint is offering a series of free courses exploring the water crisis and its surrounding issues, open to the community. Register to attend a discussion panel.

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Flint, Michigan

Targeting minority, low-income neighborhoods for hazardous waste sites

Paul Mohai, professor of Natural Resources and Environment, says Flint is a classic case of minority and low-income residents confronting an environmental issue: "It may be one of the biggest environmental justice disasters we've seen in a long time."

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Battle of the Buildings

You can help U-M reach its sustainability goals!

Now in its tenth year, Recycle Mania will run from February 7th - April 2nd. You can help meet the 2025 campus goal of reducing waste tonnage diverted to disposal facilities by 40% below 2006 levels. Learn more about the goals.

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Tropical Forest

A New Hope: Study shows tropical forest protected areas can sustain biodiversity

U-M ecologist and conservation biologist, Lydia Beaudrot, releases a study indicating that tropical forest protected areas are supporting stable communities of ground-dwelling mammals and birds, despite what previous studies have suggested.

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Urban Landscape

Forecast 2016: Corporate responses to climate change

Andrew Hoffman, U-M professor of Sustainable Enterprise, discusses how the world's largest corporations will be expected to tackle their roles on climate change in 2016.

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U-M Flint Free Course on Water Crisis

Modeling a year in the life of a power grid

With a $1.4 million grant, U-M researchers will create a highly detailed and adaptable power grid simulation that will inform software for future, more flexible, smart grids.

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