U-M Planet Blue Ambassadors Gather for Networking and Brainstorming

Kelly Jones
Release Date: 

On April 12th, 50 students, faculty, and staff gathered together for the first Planet Blue Ambassador Community Gathering.

The focus of the discussion was on our sustainability community and how PBAs can collaborate with each other and find new ways to get involved. Two PBAs spoke on initiatives they started that anyone could replicate – a residence hall sustainability awareness event, as well as kitchen composting.

Watch out because PBAs left the event with Planet Blue sporks to give out to people they “catch green handed” meaning making sustainable choices such as planning zero waste events, riding the bus to work, or donating items during student move-out.

After the event, PBAs were asked to complete a survey to inform future Community Gatherings. More than 50% of attendees have answered so far:

  • 85% of respondents said the event helped them identify new ways to engage in sustainability on campus.
  • The number one topic PBAs would like discussed at a future event is: Best Practicies in Communicating about Sustainability.
  • 82% of respondents also expressed an interest in learning more about food sustainability, and several suggested that future events have vegan / vegetarian food as the default option.
  • The most preferred time for the next PBA gathering is July, with October in second place. 

What does all that mean? The next PBA Community Gathering will likely be in July and focus on either communications or food. Student PBAs - enjoy your summer, and we'll bring the whole community back together in October.

If you’d like to get involved in the Planet Blue Ambassador program, the first step is completing the online training.

Special thanks to Fatimah Bolhassan and Tami Dupie for photos!  Find more photos from this event here