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Elizabeth LaPorte
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MJS Volume 5.1The gap between people’s beliefs and their behavior is at the heart of the newest issue of the Michigan Journal of Sustainability (vol. 5, issue 1) published in partnership with Michigan Publishing. Co-editors-in-chief, Erin Hamilton and Neil Lewis, Jr. pose some interesting questions for readers to consider in their introduction to this issue, like: ‘Are there differences between those who are willing to behave sustainably and those who are not?’

Michigan Journal of Sustainability (MJS 5.1)

This issue represents practitioners and researchers, from the University of Michigan (U-M), Climate Central, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, University of Massachusetts, and Oregon State University. U-M authors include Jessica Santos, Benjamin lulinao, Paul Glaum, Devon McAslan, Raymond De Young, and Spencer Harbo.

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