Turn Your Project Into a Michigan Sustainability Case

Elizabeth LaPorte
Release Date: 

Student collaborations If you are looking for an opportunity to turn your project or research into a teaching case and broaden its impact, consider submitting a proposal to make a Michigan Sustainability Case (MSC).

  • Submission deadline: Thursday, November 2nd at 11:59 p.m.
  • See details: MSC

MSC is a Third-Century funded initiative working to achieve the full potential of case - based learning for broader educational, social, and environmental impacts. Each case tells a story of a real-world based problem with a challenging decision, accompanied by multimedia elements and engaged learning exercises.

All cases are produced through collaborative co-design by students, faculty, and practitioners . The process connects research, teaching, and practice, widening participation in honing practical and critical abilities to solve real - world environment and sustainability problems.

Finished cases will be hosted here: MSC learning platform, Gala. Gala is an open access​ digital platform with multimodal learning ​technologies​, ​built-in analytics and pre-post test functionalities, and discussion forums. The platform is built to facilitate a wider network of learners and problem-solvers at U-M and beyond.