Join the UMSFP Leadership Team!

Haley Kerner
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Interested in becoming a change agent for a better food future? Want to develop leadership skills and become a strong student voice for sustainable food work at the U? 

Apply to join the UMSFP Leadership Team for the 2017-2018 academic school year!


The available positions for the 2017-2018 UMSFP Leadership Team are: 

Co-Presidents (2) (Ideal for 2nd Year on Leadership Team)

You are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the UMSFP, keeping sight of the overarching mission and vision to provide education, build community and grow food; ensuring that the organization as a whole can meet these goals by developing and maintaining strategic plans of work, seeking funding and documenting successes.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Supporting applications for funding for the program
  • Linking activities to the core mission and conveying that message to potential donors, administrators stakeholders, and supporters
  • Ensuring strategic work plan development and implementation,  documentation, transparency, and smooth transitioning of leadership
  • Managing meetings and regularly communicating with staff program manager

Strong candidates will:

  • Be flexible and able to assist other team members as needed on their specific projects
  • Be able to speak publicly to articulate the value of UMSFP
  • Be visionary thinkers who can share vision of UMSFP


Director of Communications (2)

You will be primarily responsible for being the voice of UMSFP and spreading information about what UMSFP and our member groups are doing as we improve our food system at UM and elsewhere using social media, our newsletter and other outlets.

Specifically your responsibilities will include:

  • Publicizing events using the weekly UMSFP newsletter, Facebook, and our website
  • Evolving UMSFP’s media and social media platforms and establishing easily replicable/executable (SOPs)
  • Responding to general questions by the public and interested students

Strong candidates will have:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Experience writing for websites, effective use of social media for organizing, collective action and engagement, a willingness to learn simple web coding for website updates


Director of Operations (1) 

You are responsible for organizing and maintaining UMSFP’s Information Ecosystem, ensuring that information architecture is well organized, transparent, easily accessed by UMSFP leadership and member groups.  Taking and organizing notes, creation and maintenance of  SOPs for information storage and use, ensure successful handoff and usability of the organization's information to future org leaders and members

Specifically your responsibilities will include:

  • Taking notes during meetings or arranging for a designate
  • Organizing UMSFP Documents and other electronic information
  • Maintaining UMSFP’s event-focused student organization status

Strong candidates will have:

  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Ability to record and convey ideas and information clearly in written form
  • Prioritize successful transition of knowledge from year to year


Director of Member Relations (2)

Your focus will be supporting and strengthening our network connections between UMSFP Member Groups, non-Member Student Groups, and general students interested in sustainable food work.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Helping to coordinate activities among the UMSFP member groups to ensure their success and build member group and organizational capacity
  • Collaborative development and continued identification, articulation and evolution of member group benefits and  opportunities for collective action
  • Coordination of the monthly Member Group Council meetings

Strong candidates will have:

  • Strong facilitation and conflict resolution and motivation skills
  • An interest in planning and executing events and services to attract new supporters and build the value of the network


Director of External Relations (1)

You will grow our connections and ties to external partners, collaborators and organizations operating outside of UM, like Slow Food Huron Valley, Growing Hope, Local Food Summit, and more.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Establishing new and nurturing existing  ties to organizations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and around the US
  • Supporting an increased public awareness and tangible reciprocal relationships with partners

Strong candidates will have:

  • An interest and excitement to work with off-campus partners and organizations
  • The ability to identify partners in the community and maintain relationships with them


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Once you've submitted this application, please also send your resume to

Applications due March 13, 2017. Interviews will be conducted that week and the following.