Eco Equity Roundtable

Release Date: 

Thursday, February 23, 6:00-8:00 PM

Location: Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery

Dinner will be served -- RSVP Recommended: 

With support from the Provost's Office, join fellow U-M undergraduate and graduate students from across the university to build a movement for equity in the environment by connecting with new leaders across campus and identifying opportunities for personal and organizational growth. A summary of this event will help inform future programs, including student and faculty engagement. 

Guiding Principles and Assumptions:

  • A just society is embedded within the vision of a sustainable future as it is critical to “enhance well-being for present and future generations”.
  • Formal and informal networks of U-M community members are needed to advance sustainability.
  • Clear articulation of the importance of social equity in sustainability mobilizes support and resources.
  • Community-driven processes are important to achieve equity and sustainability
  • The Environmental field suffers from inequity (Green 2.0 Report)
    • Green Ceiling
    • Unconscious Bias, Discrimination, and Insular Recruiting
    • Lackluster Effort and Disinterest in Addressing Diversity