Campus Farm Harvest Festival

Haley Kerner
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Want to celebrate local food and farms? Then come to the 6th Annual Harvest Festival on October 8th, from 1-4pm! It’s hosted by the University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program and it takes place at the U-M Campus Farm at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. There will be delicious food, live music, and lots of fun activities. Student groups that focus on food and sustainability will be there, so be sure to check them out. There will be tours of the Campus Farm and Food Forest, a project of the Permaculture Design Team. And there will be live music by Nadim Azzam, an Ann Arbor rapper & acoustic songwriter, Melissa Lee, a Nashville country music artist, Bobby Randall, and Rachel Walkowski. 

The Harvest Festival is just one of the many cool things happening with sustainable food on campus. As of this summer, the dining halls are now serving food that was grown by students at the Campus Farm. You can find small gardens all over campus, such as the East Quad garden and the Cultivating Community garden. And interested students can take classes on the various issues that surround food and sustainability. 

The Harvest Festival has always been one of my favorite things. There is just nothing better than spending the afternoon eating great food, listening to music, and being surrounded by people who also care about food and sustainability. It is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

Haley Kerner is a Junior studying Program in the Environment and Ecology. She’s  Student Manager of the Campus Farm this year, where she helps to provide the University with fresh, organically grown produce.