Article and Video Highlights U-M & Dow Partnership

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Collaborations like this fellowship provide opportunities to correct misperceptions, build bridges and create stronger solutions together.

— Dr. Neil C. Hawkins and Dr. Andrew Hoffman

Dr. Neil C. Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Corporate Vice President of Environment, Health, and Safety for The Dow Chemical Company, and Dr. Andrew Hoffman, Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan wrote an article based on a video interview about the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program. Hawkins and Hoffman discussed how this campus-wide, co-curricular program helps tear down disciplinary silos and builds bridges by supporting collaborative, multidisciplinary opportunities for graduate students.

The article explores how fellows are better prepared to hit the ground running with future employers by leading intensive fieldwork projects, and gaining practical experience in addressing critical sustainability challenges. Program leaders anticipate the program will serve as a model for how interdisciplinary education and academic communities can partner with corporations and other organizations.