Alumni Spotlight: Colton Babladelis

Haley Kerner
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Each week this fall, UMSFP will be featuring Q&A with a different alumnus about what they were up to during their time at UM, what they're involved with now, and favorite UMSFP memories. Each of the alumni we're featuring are happy to have current UMSFP students get in touch with them. We hope that these "Alumni Spotlights" will help folks learn about what kinds of opportunities are out there, and get connected!

Our third Alumni Spotlight features Colton Babladelis, who now works at the University of Michigan's Erb Institute as the Student and Alumni Affairs Coordinator. Read more about Colton below.


Colton Babladelis

How were you involved with UMSFP?

Cultivating Community, Campus Farm


What were you studying at UM, and what year did you complete your studies?

PitE, Anthropology, Spanish, Modern Greek - Graduated 2014


What did you do after you finished your studies?

Worked with Cultivating Community, and then now at UM Erb Institute


If you are working now, please let us know where (workplace name and city) and what do you do there.

University of Michigan Erb Institute - Ann Arbor. Student/Alumni Affairs Coordinator


How is food a part of your life now?

Still go to the farmer's market as much as possible, garden at home, and help our students and staff to connect with local food resources.


Do you think your experiences with UMSFP influenced, inspired, or prepared you for what you do now in any way? If so, let us know how.

Definitely made wonderful connections to the local food economy and groups, and CC was a great experience for volunteer coordination, and managing a big project like the annual plant sale.


Do you have any favorite or notable UMSFP memories?

Cultivating Community Plant Sale!!


Is there anything else you want to share?

Since I'm a local alumni and working in higher education, I'm always happy to talk to younger students about career pathways and resources!


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