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The Michigan Journal of Sustainability is seeking timely, innovative, and informative scholarly articles translating research at the human-environment interface. The Journal presents articles about sustainability research that are useful and usable to practitioners and policy makers. The Journal is designed to appeal to readers from a broad range of specialties and backgrounds. All content is edited to be comprehensible to those reading outside of their area of expertise.

We welcome content submissions in a wide variety of formats and media. Authors may submit content, throughout the year, or for a specific issue, in alignment with three focus areas, as well as projects that bridge them. Abstracts are due mid-September and final content is due mid-November.

Acceptance of Content

The Editorial Board will respond to all authors within six weeks of receipt of content, indicating whether or not the content will undergo a peer review. Our goal is to publish content accepted for publication within six months of submission. The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse any content submitted, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and modifications to the text or images before publication.

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