Content Review Process

Peer Review Process

All content is reviewed by the Editorial Board before authors develop a complete article or essay to help ensure that content is focused on translating interdisciplinary sustainability research to a broad audience and aligned with the Journal’s mission.

Abstracts: The Editorial Board will comment on whether a complete article (full manuscript) is likely to be accepted. Also, the Editorial Board provides suggestions to develop a full manuscript.

Peer Review: Two in-field reviewers, an out-of-field reviewer, and a member of the MJS editorial board conduct a double-blind review.

  • Content will be assessed for accuracy, quality, and relevance to the Journal’s focus
  • Final decisions to accept the article will be made following the submission and review of the completed content, such as an article manuscript.
  • Article manuscripts are rated in three areas to determine acceptance:
  1. Potential for idea transfer and development across fields;
  2. Immediate use for practitioners and policy makers; and
  3. Clarity and readiness for print.

Constructive Comments: The Editorial Board will provide authors with consolidated comments from the review process, with suggested improvements for accuracy and clarity, to remove jargon, and to shorten length, if necessary. Some articles may undergo a second round of peer review after changes have been made.

Timeline: Content is reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • The MJS editorial board responds to authors within six weeks of submission of content.
  • Most content will be published online within six months of submission.

Copyediting & Author Review

  • All content will be copyedited and returned to authors for review. Authors are expected to carefully review and proofread this document.

Publishing Steps

Publishing Steps

  • Formatting: After authors have approved the content, completed the Author Agreement Form (see below), it will be formatted per the MJS template.
  • Final Production Proof: All corrections in proofs, other than minor printing errors, will be at the author’s expense.
  • Online Publishing: Authors will receive and announcement regarding the availability of the final article/issue. MJS is published online only. All articles are available as PDF.

Author Agreement Form (PDF)