About Us

The Michigan Journal of Sustainability (MJS) is open access and only published online. The journal is free and does not charge article processing fees.

We encourage submissions that address three focus areas, both locally and globally, as well as projects that bridge them:

  1. Sustainable ecosystems;
  2. Livable communities; and
  3. Responses to climate variability and change.

The Journal is designed to appeal to readers from a broad range of specialties and backgrounds. All content is edited to be comprehensible to those reading outside of their area of expertise.

Five Ways to Contribute (Types of Content):

  1. Articles (5,000 words or less)
  2. Lab and Field Notes (1,000 words or less)
  3. Photo essays, maps, videos, or drawings that explore a sustainability theme (1000 words or less)
  4. Teaching and Learning (1,000 words or less)
  5. Reviews: Reviews of books, articles, tools, resources, or other compilations from leaders in the field (1,000 words or less)


The Michigan Journal of Sustainability fosters transdisciplinary communication by publishing timely, innovative, stimulating, and informative articles that translate scholarly research on systemic sustainability problems into useful formats for practitioners and policy makers. The Journal is supported by the Graham Sustainability Institute and the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program, which believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to individual empowerment, and the advancement of sustainability knowledge, learning, and leadership. MJS is published by Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan.

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Journal ISSN: 2332-0621