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Climate Change and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe: A Customized Approach to Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Planning

Alexander “Sascha” Petersen, Hansi Hals, Byron Rot, Jacob Bell, Ian Miller, James Parks, Missy Stults

Detroit Climate Action Collaborative

Planning for Climate Change in Legacy Cities: The Case of Detroit, Michigan

Natalie Sampson, Kimberly Hill Knott, Dominic Smith, Leila Mekias, Joel Howrani Heeres, Simone Sagovac

Save Planet

Welcome from the Editorial Board

Susan Cheng, Rebecca Mandell, Nicholas B. Rajkovich, Sarah Mills, Missy Stults, Patrick Harlin, Lingli He, Thomas Jenkinson, Lauren Stadler, Michelle Newstadt, Brian Vickers


Introduction to Volume 2, Fall 2014

Richard B. Rood

IHEAT Brightness and Temperature

Internet-Based Heat Evaluation and Assessment Tool (I-HEAT): Development of a Novel Visualization and Decision-support Tool for Extreme Heat Preparedness in Detroit, Michigan

Kathryn C. Conlon, Natalie Sampson, Robert Rommel, Geoffrey Jacquez, Marie S. O’Neill

Blog posts from The Conversation

Of Carts and Horses, Cars and Smarts By John DeCicco

A case for nuclear as a sustainable energy source By Ron Gilgenbach

Keystone XL and the War on Drugs By Mark Barteau

Lessons from Australia and the public on the future of carbon taxes By Barry Rabe

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