2015 Issue

Volume 3 

MJS feature articles

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Adam Wellstead, Richard Stedman

Mainstreaming involves integrating climate adaptation measures into existing policies and programs. This article reviews the policy process and policy capacity of government organizations and suggests that both need... Full article

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Ashlee Jensen Grace, Elizabeth Gibbons, John Callewaert

Across the Great Lakes region, climate variability and change pose major risks to public finances, urban economies, health, safety, and quality of life. The negative impacts of climate change will be unevenly and... Full article

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Aaron D. Ray, Jessica Grannis

States are using climate change adaptation plans to prepare for the impacts of climate change. As of October 2014, 14 states had finalized state-led adaptation plans. An additional eight states and the District of... Full article

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The Conversation

The Conversation

U-M Sustainability Expert Perspectives

Why utilities have little incentive to plug leaking natural gas
Catherine Hausman, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan