For Faculty & Staff

Workplace Initiatives

The Office of Campus Sustainability offers programs to help your workplace become more sustainable. This includes certification for offices and labs, support for your "green team," and making your kitchen zero waste.

Sustainable Purchasing: As part of an effort to leverage buying power and supplier partnerships to support sustainability, U-M's Sustainable Purchasing program makes it easy to find environmentally responsible products and services.

Employee Orientation: New U-M faculty and staff are introduced to sustainability principles and practices immediately upon coming onboard to the university, thanks to "Planet Blue" faculty and staff orientation activities.

Zero Waste Events

A zero waste event aims to reduce waste, recycle and compost as much as possible to divert waste from the landfill. Zero waste events are an important contribution to U-M’s waste reduction goal. The Office of Campus Sustainability can help you host a zero waste event.

Farm Stands

MHealthy offers regular Farm Stands on and around campus as well as support for healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Check out the wealth of resources they offer.

Planet Blue Ambassador (PBA) Program

The Planet Blue Ambassador program is the entry point into our sustainability community on campus. Through an introductory training, you will learn about our campus sustainability goals, our progress on them to-date, and how you can get involved.